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March 19, 2010 by admin

Lapel Pins Plus often finds itself in an advantageous position. After designing custom lapel pins for a number of companies, we receive challenge coin, patch, keychain, lanyard, and pendant orders from them. Our customer’s satisfaction with the design process is apparent when they take our custom artwork and choose to use it to order additional products from us.

Michigan’s Patriot Guard wanted to create custom embroidered patches to give to its members and was delighted to learn that we took their original artwork and created custom lapel pins and challenge coins in addition to the product that they first inquired about. They were so impressed with our service that they ordered all three items and were given fast and free shipping on each one of their purchases.

The Island of St. Vincent in the U.S. Virgin Islands originally asked about designing a custom lapel pin bearing their image and we presented them with an accompanying keychain with their inquiry. Noting the value that both products held, the island did not hesitate to add the two complimentary items to their order.

Customers rely on us to determine their needs. When we successfully design lapel pins for a company or organization, it is only a matter of time before we are contacted by them again. For example, Hertz Rent-a-Car collaborated with General Motors to create a limited edition Corvette. Due to the type of service that we provided to each company in the past, they chose Lapel Pins Plus to create the limited edition car badges.

Customers like the idea of having a number of promotional products on hand to use at conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and corporate sponsored events. That is why we offer them more choices than just lapel pins when we initially come up with their design. Even if the company does not choose to purchase both items right away, we have the item on file for future orders. This extra measure comes in handy when the customer contacts us the second time.

With the design already completed, we can focus our efforts in providing a company with meaningful advice on how to effectively use our custom lapel pins, challenge coins, embroidered patches, and pendants to increase sales, generate interest in new campaigns and events, and build a strong and dedicated team of employees. This not only helps us to succeed in creating confidence in our customers, it also gives us the opportunity to discuss future needs with them when the time is right.

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