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March 19, 2010 by admin

Lapel pins differ in size, weight, color, finish, and appearance. Some of the most common types of lapel pins sold by Lapel Pins Plus include cloisonné, die struck, offset printed, soft enamel, and photo etched. Despite having some similarities, each product has its own unique characteristics and purpose. 

For example, when a corporation or baseball team contacts us for a pin, we usually recommend soft enamel. Soft enamel lapel pins are traditional. They have a perceived value based on their weight and feel. You can run your fingers over the recessed areas of the pin and know by touch that it is professionally crafted.

Youth Baseball Leagues love to create custom soft enamel lapel pins to trade with other teams. Corporations who sponsor annual events also prefer these types of lapel pins opposed to the other types we sell. The 2009 Angel Ride at Oak Hollow Farm in Fairhope, Alabama made use of custom soft enamel lapel pins. Their detailed design took us one afternoon to create.

Cloisonné pins are desirable because they resemble fine pieces of jewelry. Corporations like Coca Cola use this type of lapel pin to promote their brand. Top of the line and complete with jewel-tone colors and a glossy finish, these amazing works of art often become collector’s items. They are usually the type of lapel pin that commands a lot of attention.

Businesses and academic institutes honor their employees with die struck years of service lapel pins. Often given an “antiqued” or “weathered” finish, these tokens of appreciation are distinguished and professional looking. Lapel Pins Plus has created custom die struck pins for family reunions, club memberships, quarterly awards, and service projects.

On occasion, our customer’s needs limit what type of lapel pin we can work with. For those customers, we offer two different options. Photo etched pins are created for customers by transferring the image from a negative and imprinting it onto the custom lapel pin’s metal surface. Offset printed pins are most commonly used with pins that have a photograph or color gradients. This particular type of lapel pin uses a CMYK four color process and is covered with an epoxy dome to protect the original artwork from damage.

Questions about your custom lapel pin order can be answered by calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free and speaking to one of our trained sales professionals. No order is too big or too small for our team of talented designers. Choosing the right color scheme, design elements, and style of lapel pin can make all the difference to those individuals who are the recipient of your small gift or token of appreciation.

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