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Thursday, April 29th, 2010

trading-pin-lanyardPin trading is something that people of all ages enjoy doing.  Athletes, fans, and collectors travel for miles around to get their hands on custom trading pins with the most perceived value.  They store their collections in either a trading pin bag, on a lanyard which they wear around their neck or on a towel that they throw over their shoulder. 

At events like Cooperstown or the Little League World Series, having a large assortment of custom trading pins to swap with others is ideal.  Pin tents and trading rooms are set up at the events and neighboring hotels as a way of encouraging interaction between teams, spectators, and collectors.  A highly anticipated part of these events is seeing what other traders have to

Lapel Pins Plus offers both trading pin bags and lanyards for sale on our website.  We know the importance of having a convenient way to store and display custom trading pins so we offer our customers a variety of options.  Besides your choice of color, you can also choose different styles and sizes of custom lanyards.  You can also incorporate your team mascot or logo into the design and choose the type of attachment that best accommodates the trader’s needs.

Trading bags come in four colors.  You can choose from black, red, blue or purple.  They hold hundreds of pins and contain soft foam sheets to prevent the scratching of custom trading pins.  These items are ideal because they are compact and portable.  A collection of custom trading pins can be moved from one event to another with ease.

Lapel Pins Plus can help you determine what storage option will be the most convenient with one simple phone call to 1-800-252-0904.  If you would rather, you can email us at  We will be happy to offer our knowledge and expertise to you in whatever way you deem necessary.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

When you think about trading pins, what comes to mind? Cooperstown? The Little League World Series? Do you picture tents full of players and fans deliberating on the value of their custom trading pins? Lapel Pins Plus wants to let you know that baseball tournaments are one of the many events that we create custom trading pins for. In the past, we have come up with designs for school functions, corporate gatherings, and Destination Imagination competitions. Virtually anything a person can think of can be stamped onto the surface of a custom trading pin.

Although commonly associated with sports teams, the trading pin has branched out and now appeals to companies, organizations, and academic institutions. Collectors welcome the interaction with other people and often travel around the globe to get a better selection of custom trading pins to choose from. More often than not, pin trading is as highly anticipated as the game or event itself.

From Danglers to Blinkers to Spinners and Sliders, Lapel Pins Plus offers the type of features that add flair to your unique design. Since there are no limits to colors, shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, it is easy to create the right type of trading pin for your group or event. Our design team will work hard to make your custom trading pin one that grabs everyone’s attention.

Examples of events we have created trading pins for is as follows;

  • Destination Imagination competitions
  • National Association of Postal Supervisors Convention
  • Bus Driving Rodeos
  • Cheerleading and dance competitions

Increasing the perceived value of a pin is easy with the right combination of colors (you can add 7 without incurring a charge), artwork (we exceed your expectations with our design process), and presentation (a perfectly placed logo or emblem). We offer a complimentary digital proof for you to review and give you the option of revising your design as many times as you see fit.

Our trading pins are highly regarded and can be created using the soft enamel or cloisonné process. They are easy to swap with other collectors and hold important details about a person’s past. Sports teams, schools, and corporations appreciate their rugged design and Lapel Pins Plus’ attention to details. Silk screening names onto a trading pin can give it an even more personal appeal.

Make us a part of your next corporate function, game or event by contacting Lapel Pins Plus today.

Eric Perez has been a member of the Lapel Pins Plus network team for over 4 years. His 10 years in customer service related business allows our customers to have a great experience from the design process all the way to delivery and use of their pins and coins. Eric has been involved extensively with all the products we produce and invites all customers and potential customers to pick up the phone or send an email and ask any and every question that comes to mind regarding our promotional products. Please contact him today for all of your promotional product needs by emailing or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

PendantSpecial occasions call for classy accessories.  Taking custom lapel pin designs and turning them into unique pendants and eye-catching cufflinks is something we are accustomed to doing at Lapel Pins Plus. From business logos to monogrammed initials, we can design the type of recognition or years of service award that speaks volumes about your company or organization.

A number of our customers are in the service industry.  Hoteliers, restauranteurs, spa and resort owners can display their sophistication by converting standard lapel pins into wearable pieces of art.  A bold pendant or stylish pair of cufflinks inspires employees to exceed expectations in the workplace. In addition to being highly attractive, the items work double time by being functional.

We help businesses and groups create the types of custom lapel pin designs that motivate staff and increase productivity.  We then convert the pins into jewelry according to our customer’s request.  Pendants are created by taking post-less lapel pins and adding one or two loops at the top so that they can be strung on a necklace or bracelet.  Cufflink backs replace standard posts on custom lapel pins.  Both items add value to your company or organization’s logo or initials and help your employees look and feel the part.Cufflink

Coming up with a custom lapel pin pendant or set of cufflinks is easy.  With design idea in mind, you can call us toll-free 1-800-252-0904 or email  We will be happy to discuss your options with you.  We provide you with all the things that you need to create one-of-a-kind pendants and cufflinks including:

  • A no-obligation free quote
  • Free artwork
  • Free design service
  • Free digital proof
  • Up to 7 colors—free of charge!
  • Free shipping
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Custom challenge coins have a long history in the United States.  Dating back to World War I, the small pieces of memorabilia have a distinct impact on those individuals that they are awarded to.  Instilled with pride, men and women choose to order challenge coins that have their logo, motto or mission statement printed on them.  A fond reminder of years past, they often keep their collection of coins in an area where others will see and comment on them.

Custom challenge coins have influential perceived value.  The companies, branches of the military and academic institutes that order these types of promotional items to award to employees and students are highly regarded.  A way to establish identity, promote loyalty, and foster relationships, challenge coins are a powerful tool for those who use them.

Challenge coins encourage individuals to set goals and make measurable progress towards achieving them.  The original use of the items by military personnel included a collaborative effort to produce a unit’s coin at a moment’s notice in social settings.  The reward often resulted in one party or another buying a round of drinks for the winners.

Challenge coins can also promote a company, product, service or event.  They come in a variety of colors and finishes and make use of unique design elements.  Due to their weight and thickness, they are regarded as a collectible and treated with great care.  Altering a challenge coin is something that the military frowns upon.  In fact, any member who produces a challenge coin keychain or pendant is automatically disqualified from a challenge and has to buy the winners their drink of choice.

Available in any shape imaginable, challenge coins are not always round.  In fact, many companies and organizations incorporate their logo into the shape.  Challenge coins can be made to look like anything imaginable.  That is the beauty behind personalizing them.  A person can get what they want stamped onto the surface of a custom challenge coin.

More and more businesses and groups are ordering challenge coins.  They make a great impression on those people that they are given to and are steadily taking the place of other types of promotional products.  Given their historical background and versatile nature, they can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Promoting products, services, and events.
  • Honoring service men and women.
  • Creating unity amongst individuals.
  • Rewarding teachers and students who excel.
  • Announcing a company’s mission statement or commitment to customers.
  • Reminding individuals about their affiliations and history with a group, organization or team.
  • Measuring individual or group achievements throughout the years.
  • Establishing a global identity within an organization.
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Individuality is an important part of custom trading pin design. The teams and leagues that approach Lapel Pins Plus with an order have come to expect the type of personalized product that helps them stand out in a crowd. In addition to eye-catching graphics, a number of other options exist that will help transform your custom trading pin idea into a viable pin that will be highly sought after during your trading pin event.

Custom artwork that includes your logo or mascot is one of the many things that we offer to you with your lapel pin order. Lapel Pins Plus can also create a design using your choice of colors, sizes, and styles. Some of the features that make an outstanding and trade-worthy pin include:

Spinners. The pin has two pieces. One is stationary and the other is mobile. Logos and designs appear to spin upon contact.

Sliders. Similar to a spinner, sliders incorporate stationary pieces with mobile pieces to create the appearance of action as logos and mascots slide across the surface of the pin.

Danglers. Small objects hang from the bottom of a central pin enhancing the appearance of your logo or artwork.

Glitter. Adding sparkle and emphasis to certain areas of a pin can increase its appeal in a big way.

Bobble Heads. Mobile heads bob on a spring attached to a base that is stationary. Characters seem to come to life as individuals interact with the pin.

Blinking Lights. LED lights located inside the pin can be turned on and off with a button.

Custom trading pins can be as creative as you want them to be. Taking your design ideas and making them a reality is our design team’s specialty. Whether you are ordering from us for the very first time or have personalized lapel pins in the past, one thing is certain. Lapel Pins Plus delivers exceptional style year round. Call us toll-free at 1-800-252-0904 or email for suggestions on how to make your custom lapel pin shine.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

People love to display their custom lapel pins and challenge coin collections throughout their homes and places of business. Elements like dust paired with frequent handling can alter the appearance of collectibles which causes concern for collectors. Presentation options exist that allow individuals to share their keepsakes with others and protect their custom lapel pins and challenge coins from damage.

Here are a few of the items offered by Lapel Pins Plus that help preserve the quality of Custom Lapel Pins:

  • Poly bags-Standard presentation option, free of charge
  • Acrylic Boxes
  • Velvet Cases
  • Velvet bags

Here are a few of the items offered by Challenge Coins Plus that help preserve the quality of Challenge coins:

  • PVC envelopes-Standard presentation option, free of charge
  • Acrylic boxes
  • Velvet bags
  • Coin stands
  • Acrylic capsules

In addition to retaining the mint condition status required of collectibles, items like velvet bags, cases, and coin stands are a small investment with long-lasting results. Collectors of custom lapel pins and challenge coins know the sentimental value of each item in their possession. Reflections of their past are often triggered by employee recognition service award pins, military challenge coins or baseball trading pins which when stored and displayed properly can last decades.

When calling in to inquire about the costs of custom lapel pins or challenge coins, don’t forget to ask about the presentation options offered by Lapel Pins Plus. Including an acrylic capsule or velvet bag with the products that you order is another way to show your employees, club members, and teammates just how much they mean to you.

Sales Manager Scott Hayes of Lapel Pins Plus uses his 7 years of customer service background to work with his customers to supply them with the perfect lapel pin or challenge coin. His creativity and vast knowledge of all aspects of promotional products allow him to provide expert advice and recommendations to the companies and individuals that he works with everyday. A native of Winter Park, FL, Scott and his family enjoy soaking up the sun at nearby beaches and spending time visiting local amusement parks. Please contact him today for all of your promotional product needs by emailing or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Motorcycle Clubs sponsor numerous events each year.  An ideal way to promote charity rides, poker runs, and annual Blessing of the Bikes events, custom lapel pins also help identify members of different groups by providing them with a product that features their logo or unique artwork in a creative manner.

The most popular event, Blessing of the Bikes, occurs throughout the country as a way of paying tribute to the four bikes and eight riders who received a “blessing” from St. Ann Catholic Church in Baldwin, Michigan in 1972.  The tradition has spawned several decades and has grown in popularity. The oldest riders to date were a couple in their 80s.

Event organizers from every state plan and advertise the occasion with their own unique custom lapel pin designs.  In addition to marking a milestone event in a group’s history, custom lapel pins instill a sense of community and pride in riders and promote goodwill and tolerance amongst non-riders.

Custom lapel pins educate the public about upcoming events including those done for charity.  Poker runs and benefit rides are important to motorcycle clubs because the events help raise awareness as well as funds for different individuals and organizations.  An important contributor to the community, motorcycle clubs advertise and generate interest in their events through the use of custom lapel pins.

There are a number of other ways that motorcycle groups can use custom lapel pins.  Here are a few examples:

  • To pay tribute to a fallen rider.
  • To celebrate the group’s anniversary.
  • To identify new members.
  • To commemorate outstanding members.
  • To mark an important milestone in the club’s history.
  • To honor those Missing in Action (MIA) and Prisoners of War (POW).

Custom lapel pins can be created for virtually any event that a motorcycle club sees fit.  Their small size and unlimited potential make them the perfect piece of memorabilia for groups and organizations all over the world.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Politicians are accustomed to being in the public eye.  Whether on the campaign trail, raising awareness about an important issue or upcoming event or having a debate with a candidate from another party, custom lapel pins from Lapel Pins Plus are the ultimate item for promoting a cause or educating the public about an upcoming piece of legislature.

Mayors, Governors, Senators, members of Congress, and the President himself have been seen wearing custom lapel pins of all sizes, shapes, and colors.  Many custom lapel pins that have been created for politicians throughout the years have also become revered as collector’s items. Within political circles lapel pins are an effective way to get a message across.  Government officials use them to show their support for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, encourage relief efforts in countries like Haiti and Chile, and gain public support when up for re-election.

Lapel Pins Plus works hard to provide these professional men and women with custom lapel pins that are effective in every corner of the world.  No matter what your political affiliation may be, we can come up with the type of custom lapel pin that encourages citizens to take action.  A few ways that you can use custom lapel pins to promote your cause includes:

  • At election time as a means in which the public can show their support.
  • During traumatic events like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.
  • To raise funds for schools and non-profit organizations looking for financial aid.
  • As an educational tool in regards to healthcare and environmental issues.
  • To commemorate colleagues and pay tribute to those lives lost fighting for our country’s freedom.

Within each custom lapel pin lays a powerful message.  Politicians know how incredibly effective wearing one can be and that is why you see men and women in all levels of government donning lapel pins at every function that they attend.  Set yourself apart in a crowd by ordering custom lapel pins bearing your unique logo, image or photograph and make this a year to remember.  Your supporters will continue to thank you with their loyalty and support.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
pinstocoins1First used in World War I as a way to commemorate valued soldiers, custom challenge coins are steadily increasing in popularity in corporate settings.  In addition to ordering custom lapel pins, many of our corporate customers are turning to custom challenge coins because of their durable design and unique ability to get a message across.

Custom challenge coins are very versatile. Just like our custom lapel pins they can be created in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes and are often regarded as collector’s items.  A great idea for a custom corporate coin is to include your company logo on one side and then incorporate your company’s motto or slogan onto the opposite side. They can be used to promote a company or organization, announce a big event or be awarded to employees as a result of their accomplishments.

Lapel Pins Plus is revolutionizing the way that businesses market themselves with custom challenge coins by making the ordering process easy.  We do that in a number of ways.  First of all, we offer both single-sided and double-sided coin options that allow companies can get more out of their advertising dollar.  Next, we provide free artwork and a full color proof at no additional cost.

Customer Merrill Lynch came to us for a custom lapel pin and we designed it along with a challenge coin bearing the company’s logo.  They were so pleased with the designs that they decided to order both products.  We find that is often the norm.  Companies love our fast and free delivery.
Medco Health Solutions decided to design a keepsake for its employees.  After receiving their order of custom lapel pins, they decided to compliment the order with matching custom challenge coins.  Unique ways to maintain morale, employee recognition awards are incredibly motivating.  We offer our customers a personalized experience by giving them choices of colors as well as unlimited revisions.

The design process is where our talented team of artists shine.  They can incorporate your logo or motto into artwork and turn it into an incredible piece of memorabilia.  Why not take your custom lapel pin idea and use it to design a challenge coin?  Call us today at 1-800-252-0904 for a complimentary quote.  We would love to discuss custom challenge coin options with you.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

autismpinAwareness ribbon lapel pins are commonplace in today’s world. Used to educate the public about healthcare concerns, environmental issues, and global events, they also act as a promotional tool by generating public interest in a cause. Businesses and non-profit organizations looking to get the word out about an issue that is important to them can benefit from ordering custom awareness ribbon lapel pins from Lapel Pins Plus. From promoting autism awareness to supporting the troops serving our country, we can create an awareness pin to meet your needs. Ordering from us takes no time and we handle all the details including design, custom artwork, and free delivery.

ribbonpin1In the past, we have had the pleasure of helping companies design lapel pins that have promoted fundraisers and events, drawn public support, and identified individuals as crusaders for a specific cause. Versatile and functional, our awareness ribbon lapel pins are personalized. We can include your logo, photograph or artwork to create a design that speaks directly to the hearts of your employees and customers. Awareness ribbon pins can be created as cloisonné, soft enamel or die struck lapel pins. They can feature a wide array of colors and be cut to shape to create a lapel pin that has the same shape as a hand tied ribbon.

Do you need some help promoting your cause? Why not use our custom awareness ribbon lapel pins in the following ways:

  • To promote a benefit or fundraiser.
  • To inform the public about a specific disease or disorder.
  • To show support for an environmental issue.
  • To associate your business with a community-based relief effort.
  • To network with like-minded individuals worldwide.

ribbonpin2More than just a decoration, awareness ribbons have become an international symbol of hope. Whether your business or foundation supports breast cancer research or is adamant about supporting the troops stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan, one thing is certain, Custom lapel pins from Lapel Pins Plus help do their part to bring awareness to your cause.

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