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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, the majesty of National Parks is undisputed.  Visitors from all over the world gather at these vacation hotspots as a way to reconnect with nature and shrug off the stresses of everyday living.  Custom lapel pins and patches featuring iconic landmarks fulfill a wide range of purposes and uses as listed here.

First of all, lapel pins and patches draw attention to National Parks.  Considered some of the most beautiful terrain in the world, custom lapel pins and embroidered patches highlight places like the Everglades, Olympic National Park, and Yosemite and promote them to the public.

The items also help announce events like National Park Week which was held April 17-25, 2010.  Entrance fees to the parks were waived for the duration of nine days which gave sightseers ample opportunity to hike, fish, raft, and camp.  Having lapel pins and patches available before the event helped draw interest in it and make it a success again this year.

Custom lapel pins and patches also make great souvenirs for people that visit National Parks.  Unlike postcards and t-shirts, these items withstand everyday wear and tear.  Placed on a bag or sewn to a jacket, an embroidered patch puts the message front and center.  Global nomads and weekend travelers love to connect with others by sharing their experiences at National Parks.

Spending time in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve in Colorado or Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky can help bring families together and provide much needed rest and relaxation to individuals with hectic schedules.  In fact, people of all ages love the untouched beauty of mountains, streams, and wooded areas.

The feel of rugged earth underneath a pair of hiking boots is enough to make anyone fall in love with National Parks.  Custom lapel pins and embroidered patches make it possible for visitors to reconnect with the parks no matter where they go.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Patriotic lapel pins can be found nearly everywhere.  A true symbol of freedom, the colors red, white, and blue along with images of Bald Eagles and American Flags conjure up emotions in individuals of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds.

Small and portable, lapel pins serve as the perfect medium to get a message across to customers, employees or donors.  Easy to attach to clothing and bags, these items are highly visible and generate interest in a product, service or event.

Businesses and organizations design pins with patriotic symbols for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, they do so as a way to establish a sense of community with other individuals.  Patriotic themes work wonders in uniting people.  Second, they support military personnel.  Red, white, and blue American Flag emblems grace apparel and vehicles nationwide.  Politicians often wear lapel pins as a way of showing their involvement with causes and legislature that affects Americans.  Last but not least, they help define the nation’s people.  Our country was founded on a series of principles.  Of them, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is one of the strongest.  Patriotic symbols embody these ideas.

Patriotic lapel pins can be basic or elaborate depending on a business or group’s needs.  Lapel Pins Plus has years worth of experience designing and producing quality custom lapel pins with meaning and appeal.  Our design team can take a recognizable patriotic symbol like an Eagle or the Statue of Liberty and add a company’s logo or slogan to it.  We can also customize your pin in a number of ways through the use of color, glitter, and blinking lights.

Standing out in a crowd, the right type of patriotic lapel pin can help a business or organization establish brand identity, gain the interest of potential customers and employees, and advertise an event or new product.  Call us today for your free patriotic pin quote.  Our number is 1-800-252-0904.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

The Fine Arts encompasses a number of entertaining venues.  From theater productions and musicals to art shows and sidewalk sales, custom lapel pins can help creative types promote their talent to the world in a number of ways.  For those individuals involved in the production of a Broadway play or community-based musical, taking home a piece of memorabilia is at the height of priorities.  Unlike playbills and t-shirts, custom lapel pins are long lasting keepsakes.

Small replicas of posters and paintings make memorable lapel pins.  Poster lapel pins help promote a production and give actors and fans something to remember the event by.  Miniature painting pins help to raise public awareness about an artist and generate the funds necessary to complete future projects.  The novelty of these types of pins withstands the test of time.

For years, custom lapel pins have helped to support the Fine Arts. Using a special process called Offset Printing, Lapel Pins Plus can create exact copies of play posters and artwork for our customers.  Not only do these items create excitement for actors, artists, and fans, they often become collector’s items.

People from all around the globe enjoy collecting memorabilia from their favorite productions and painters.  Some of the most successful production and art gallery showings are captured on the surface of a lapel pin.  Years after the final curtain call or last painting has been sold, actors, artists, and fans can reflect upon the experience because of their lapel pin collection.

We create actor and artist pins on a regular basis.  Using our customers unique ideas, we make custom lapel pins the highlight of every show.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Faith based lapel pins are customary for many people.  You can find religious symbols being used in nearly every culture.  The top ten most recognizable emblems include:

  • Christian Crosses
  • Doves of Peace
  • Jewish Stars of David
  • Hindu Aumkars
  • Islamic Staf and Crescents
  • Buddhist Wheels of Dharmas
  • Shinto Toriis
  • Sikh Khandas
  • Baha’i Stars
  • Jain Ahimsa Symbols

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples use religious lapel pins in a number of ways.  First and foremost, they use them to announce their faith.  They also create customized designs as a way to promote activities within religious1their organizations.  Youth retreats, banquets, and fundraisers are three common reasons why customers order faith lapel pins.

Religious lapel pins can also be used to identify pastors, priests, imams, and other leaders.  Members of the clergy, officers, and volunteers can also be honored with lapel pins.  Recognition awards featuring religious symbols mean a lot to their recipients.

Faith based summer camps honor campers with religious lapel pins.  Children who participate in certain programs or complete a series of tasks are rewarded with pins that recognize their accomplishments.  As the campers get older, they begin to appreciate the pins more because of their sentimental value.  Reminders of the past are always well received by adults.

Religious values bring people together.  That is why faith lapel pins continue to be a mainstay in organizations throughout the world.  Small but significant, the pins have a very clear message.  When it comes to sharing their faith, people choose to do so in many different ways.  Custom lapel pins happen to be one of them.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

cutout1Custom lapel pin designs speak volumes about a company or organization.  In addition to being highly visible, the small promotional products can be personalized in dozens of ways.  From a myriad of colors to different sizes and styles, custom lapel pins can be as unique as the people who order them.

Businesses wanting to give their pin depth and distinction find that cutouts are often an ideal way to set their pin apart from the competition.  The process of creating cutouts is similar to the production of other types of lapel pins.  After the design is stamped into a sheet of metal, the designated areas are then cut away.  This process helps draw attention to logos or slogans and can give designs a 3-Dimensional effect.

Different plating options exist that help accentuate cutout designs.  Customers can choose from high polished gold, nickel or copper, antique gold, nickel or copper, black nickel, and black metal.  Although these details seem minor to some people, they really can draw attention to a custom design.

Lapel pins with cutouts are a great way for businesses and organizations to generate interest in a product, service or event.  Lapel pins that feature this option are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser no matter how you decide to use them.  Whether it is at a speaking engagement, conference, job fair or charitable event, one thing is certain, cutout lapel pins never go out of style. This is why they are ideal for customers from all backgrounds.

From Coaches to CEOs, everyone can appreciate the look and appeal of cutout lapel pins.  A quick and easy solution to your marketing needs, the sales professionals at Lapel Pins Plus offer their years of knowledge and experience to each and every order placed over the phone or through the website.  You can find this out for yourself by calling 1-800-252-0904 or emailing for more information.  Your free quote is waiting!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

cardstockPresentation is everything and when it comes to lapel pins, there is no better way to display them than on a piece of custom card stock.  Not only does it help customers to fully comprehend the meaning behind a lapel pin’s design, it also enhances its value in the eyes of your employees and customers.

Custom card stock can be as customized as your lapel spins.  You can just as easily select a blank card that matches your unique lapel pin design or have our graphics artist create a unique card stock that compliments your pin and the event it is intended for.  Attaching the pin to the card helps define its purpose.  At Job Fairs, Conferences, and Awards Ceremonies, this detail helps get your pins into the hands of potential talent, skilled employees, and valued customers.

Setting yourself apart from the competition is a wise move in today’s changing world.  As a business, you have to be ready to evolve at the drop of a hat.  One of the ways that you can stand out in a crowd is by designing an amazing lapel pin and displaying it in a way that grabs people’s attention.

Pieces of custom card stock can replace business cards.  You can simply print details about your company or organization on one side of the card and attach a custom lapel pin to the top it.  Enclose it in a small plastic jewelry bag and you have the type of promotional product that everyone is interested in.

Forget about magnets and Frisbees.  Custom lapel pins are a modern way to promote your business as well as its products and services.  Versatile and portable, they can help you achieve your professional goals instantaneously.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

gemstone1Employee loyalty is one of the building blocks of success for many companies.  Through the use of mentoring and recognition programs, men and women who exceed expectations are aptly rewarded.  Years of Service and Sales Performance Lapel Pins encourage exemplary behavior while building morale in the workplace.

Colored gem stones add an air of prestige and sophistication to custom lapel pins.  Employees who have worked a certain number of years or met a pre-determined sales goal receive pins for each milestone that they achieve.  Each colored gem stone signifies a different level of accomplishment.

Die struck lapel pins featuring a gem stone are regarded as fine pieces of jewelry.  They have a quality look about them that adds to their perceived value.  Employees that receive these tokens of appreciation from their employers tend to spread the word to their colleagues.  This helps to boost morale which ultimately increases productivity.  Fewer instances of absences are recorded and companies benefit from the extra manpower.

Custom lapel pins is the type of incentive that never goes out of style.  Due to their unique design and craftsmanship, the small keepsakes can be kept for years without showing wear.  They can be easily displayed on a nametag or bulletin board.  Individuals who would prefer to keep them in sealed poly bags have that option as well.

Lapel Pins Plus can take your custom Years of Service and Sales Performance Lapel Pin ideas and add colored gem stones to them easily and affordably.  One toll-free phone call to 1-800-252-0904 is all it takes to receive a no obligation free quote.  Honor the ones that serve your business or organization well with colored gemstone lapel pins.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Law Enforcement badges and Security Agency lapel pins are an essential part of today’s uniform.  Not only do the items provide identification for different departments, they can also be used to honor the men and women who are committed to serving the public. Police officers and security guards can reflect upon their years of service and the experiences that they had while protecting the welfare of their neighborhoods and communities.  Unique to each agency, custom lapel pins can also be traded with other police departments as a way of forging camaraderie amongst colleagues.

Soft enamel trading pins are unique and affordable.  Department personnel can add glitter, flashing lights, and spinning pieces to their designs.  They can also include details about their unit, the town that they serve, and their logo or motto.  These features heighten the pin’s perceived value and make it easier for police officers to swap them out with other departments.

The Louisville Metro Police Department of Louisville, Kentucky contacted us with their unique design.  They wanted to create the type of Officer and Sergeant pins that speak volumes about their department.  In addition to resembling actual police badges, the custom lapel pins included six separate pieces that added dimension to the initial design.  Once attached to the main pin, the components worked to form an exact replica of the department’s Officer and Sergeant badges.

Lapel Pins Plus has years of experience designing and producing custom lapel pins.  Our team of dedicated sales professionals and talented designers work to create the type of designs that best represent your group or organization.  Coming up with custom lapel pins for customers like the Louisville Metro Police Department is our specialty.  We know that each order is as unique as the person requesting it.  That is why we make customer satisfaction our main priority.

Custom lapel pins help police departments and security agencies in a number of ways.  In addition to boosting the spirit of law enforcement and security agents, they also make recognizable pieces of memorabilia.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

There is excitement in the air as students from all around the world prepare this year’s Destination ImagiNation Global Finals.  Held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville May 26-29, teams from elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and colleges put their heads together to solve challenges that involve critical thinking and creativity.

Custom trading pins featuring each team’s specific “challenge” are brought to the event with the intention of swapping them with others in attendance.  The more elaborate the design, the better.  One of the most effective ways to create a quality trading pin worthy of the team that you are sponsoring is by holding a Destination ImagiNation Design Contest amongst students.

Each girl and boy participating in the Finals is given equal opportunity to create the winning trading pin design.  The artwork selected by the panel of judges is then submitted to Lapel Pins Plus to be produced.  Creating an exact replica of a sketch or photograph is something we are very accustomed to doing.  We can take your design idea and turn it into a reality easily.

In addition to encouraging a healthy level of competitiveness, design contests also instill pride in the boys and girls that win them.  Walking around the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals with the winning custom trading pin design is an accomplishment.  It also helps with its tradability.  Other teams will want to trade with your students because of their pin’s unique appearance.

The Destination ImagiNation Global Finals happens only once a year.  Sponsor a design contest and get your ideas to us before the big event.  Using your custom artwork, we will be able to design the type of trading pins that spell C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

A little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.  The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America are used to being challenged.  Individuals and groups are given specific tasks to complete.  Once they satisfy the requirements of each assignment, they earn a merit badge or lapel pin to put on their uniform.  A more personal spin on this ritual is to hold a custom lapel pin and embroidered patch design competition among troops.  The winner of the contest gets to see his or her design transformed into a wearable piece of art.

Daisy Girl Scouts, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors alike can get in on the fun and design a custom lapel pin or embroidered patch for their troop.  Your artwork does not have to be complete.  A simple sketch on a sheet of notebook papers will do.  We can take your ideas and turn them into unique keepsakes that will make all of your Scouts proud.

A design like this can easily be turned into a quality custom embroidered patch or lapel pin:

Our experienced designers can transform a drawing like the one that Girl Scout Troop 640 did for their 2010 Lock-In.  The winner of the design contest had her original artwork submitted to us in the form of a scanned hand drawn sketch.  We were able to recreate the color scheme, graphics, and fonts using our sophisticated software.  The end result was a custom embroidered patch bursting with personality and a proud little lady.

Boy Scout Troops hold similar contests.  The Boy Scout Jamboree draws crowds of young men from all over the country.  A custom embroidered patch or lapel pin can help enhance the experience for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Holding a design competition a few months before the event can ensure that the winning patch will arrive in time to sew onto the Scout’s uniform.

Lapel Pins Plus wants to give you a few pointers so you can hold your own custom lapel pin and embroidered patch design competition.  Here are a few things to remember:

  • Each Scout should know the theme of the contest.  To help them understand what images would be deemed appropriate, a Troop Leader can create a sample design and post it in a place where it is highly visible.
  • A handout featuring a circle similar to the size of a merit badge or embroidered patch should be given to each child.  The most common size for a troop’s patch is 2 ½ inches.   We can make it larger or smaller according to your preferences and design details. Instructions should be given in terms of the size and shape of the drawing.  Artwork must remain in the designated area to be considered as a finalist in the contest.
  • Note that submitting an entry makes the Scouts eligible to receive a custom embroidered patch or lapel pin.  The winning design, however, will be the one featured on the badge or pin.

Taking your troop’s design ideas and turning them into something tangible is an incredible feeling. The prospect of creating the chosen design motivates Scouts and encourages them to be their best at everything they do.   Call Lapel Pins Plus today at 1-800-252-0904 for a free custom lapel pin or embroidered patch quote.

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