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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Managers shouldn’t take for granted that their employees know they are appreciated.  Under-appreciated workers can lead to high turnover, subpar production, and thwart any business’ success. Studies have shown that most individuals in the workforce don’t feel appreciated on the job and believe their contributions are not recognized.  However, similar studies revealed that employee appreciation, when exercised often, makes all the difference in morale and overall employee performance which positively impacts the organization.chuckecheese

Recognition and rewards for valued work doesn’t have to be another complicated or costly aspect of HR management.  Instead, it can but an enjoyable part of a manager’s ongoing employee recognition program. Service award lapel pins for employees are also a good way encourage unit cohesion and teambuilding.  Starting small, but being consistent, can create a positive domino effect.

Employee recognition lapel pins are a fun, creative and cost efficient way to give under-appreciated workers their long overdue pat on the back or a “job well done.”  Personalized award lapel pins are great for award ceremonies, meetings, gatherings or “just because…” Teamwork lapel pins allow managers to acknowledge several associates at once and encourage employees to recognize, support, and work with one another. When Lapel Pins Plus received an order from a well known children’s fun spot favorite, to show it’s appreciation for regional excellence, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help them say it with a pin.

With our unbeatable quality, look, and feel, anyone receiving an employee recognition pin from Lapel Pins Plus will be noticed for being at the top of their game.  The options are endless when creating your customized employee award pins:

  • Use your own company’s logo
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Custom artwork
  • Any size or shape
  • An assortment of attachment types
  • Your choice of presentation packaging

Keeping employees happy is imperative to an organization’s overall success.  By reminding them of their importance to you and the company, you will keep morale high and production going.  At Lapel Pins Plus we can help perfect your recognition lapel pins.  Email us with your ideas and questions at or give us a call toll free 1-800-252-0904.

Monday, August 30th, 2010

One of the most exciting aspects of designing, creating, and manufacturing custom lapel pins is the variety of customer backgrounds that we encounter.  We are contacted on a daily basis by businesses, organizations, religious groups, schools, and clubs that are looking for unique ways to stand out in their communities. Using their ideas, we are able to create personalized lapel pins that assist them with fulfilling their needs. These items are used for a number of purposes, including self-promotion, employee recognition incentives, and fundraising efforts.archdiocese

Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are fully involved with the design process. Not only are they able to submit custom artwork like a logo, emblem or mascot, they also choose the size, shape, and color that best represents their company or group.  For example, we were contacted by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with a special request. They were looking for a way to award members of their clergy, specifically the Cardinal’s Cabinet for a job well done.

By submitting an image of the Cardinal’s Crest to Lapel Pins Plus, they were able to get their message across while simultaneously providing their clergy with a personalized gift rich in symbolism. We were able to convey the information given to us to create custom lapel pins for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that were exceptional in design and in appearance. This beautiful round pin plated in gold, has a white background with a colorful seal and contains the Latin text meaning “the word was made flesh”.

What Makes Custom Lapel Pins Special?

Custom gifts tend to strike a chord with their recipients. They are relevant and often reference a specific time or place in their lives. People love to wear lapel pins on articles of clothing, hats, and even bags as a way of sharing their award with the world. Portability and quality craftsmanship make lapel pins a very popular item to give away.

To discuss your unique needs with us, visit  You will be able to see examples of our past work by visiting our galleries and looking at the different styles of lapel pins that we have to offer. In addition to soft enamel and cloisonne, we also have die struck, offset printed, and photo etched. Each style of lapel pin has its own look and distinct advantages. To find out how you can get a free quote today, call 1-800-252-0904 or email

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Members of aeronautical and space organizations contact us from time to time with requests to create lapel pins for different reasons.  Some events are small while others are large scale.  For example, NASA is launching a new satellite and they wanted to commemorate the occasion with a custom lapel pin.  They contacted Lapel Pins Plus, communicated their design ideas to us, and waited until we submitted a full-color proof to them.  They were able to look the design over, submit suggestions and revisions, and finally approve the design that we show here.

In addition to celebrating a momentous date in history, the lapel pins also serve as a thank you gift for each team member that worked on any part of the satellite.  This makes them a very personal souvenir.  NASA team members can look back at their experience and know that they played a role in shaping space travel.  What better way to show pride in a job well done than by wearing a custom lapel pin mentioning your accomplishments?PROOF-2-scrubbed

We feel honored that we were a part of this unique process.  In fact, we often have members from aeronautical and space related industries that order from us and we know that is because of the quality of our craftsmanship and the high level of customer satisfaction that we provide.

How Lapel Pins Are Used in Aeronautical and Space Related Industries

Our customers usually have a purpose in mind for their custom lapel pins.  In the past, we have found them being used in the following ways:

  • To mark the date of a big event like a ten year anniversary.
  • To give to employees as a way to show gratitude for their participation and service.
  • To sell in gift shops located inside museums.
  • To hand out to attendees at conferences and workshops
  • To award to accomplished leaders who go above and beyond their job description.

Every event imaginable can make use of custom lapel pins.  In fact, these are just a few of the ways that we see our products utilized by our customers.  If you have a story to share with us, we would love to hear about it!  Contact us by phone at 1-800-252-0904 or email  You may be the next subject that we talk about on our blog!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

For the past seven years, we have taken a rough idea and created beautiful lapel pins to commemorate the Herber City Cowboy Poetry Gathering. The annual event is held in Herber City, Utah and consists of headlining shows, workshops and clinics as well as plenty of opportunity to purchase unique souvenirs. This year, it is being held the first week of November. The seven day event promises plenty of excitement for individuals, families, and literature lovers.Herbercity

Festivals like these offer unlimited opportunities for communities. Custom lapel pins announcing the event serve multiple purposes. First, they can be used to draw interest in the festival itself. Next, they make great souvenirs for attendees. Last but not least, they can be used as a way to reduce waste by eliminating the need for paper tickets or plastic wristbands.

We can take whatever ideas that you have and turn them into attractive lapel pins for your festival, concert or outdoor market. We also can create them in the size, shape, style, and colors that appeal to you most. All you have to do is contact us via phone or email and we supply you with a complimentary free quote. We even create a full-color digital proof for you to look over.

In addition to soft enamel, die struck, and cloisonné pins, we also offer offset printed lapel pins. These pins give you the option of using a photograph or detailed graphic while maintaining the integrity of the artwork. This is an option that we suggest for designs with lots of tiny detail and one or more color gradients.

To find out more about our custom lapel pins and the ways that you can use them for your upcoming event, visit

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Every year, the American Legion puts together a special ride as a way of paying tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and in the War on Terror.  Instead of going with the traditional t-shirt, they decided to contact Lapel Pins Plus with an idea for custom lapel pins.

After learning more about the details of the event, we were able to create a full-color proof featuring their design which we promptly sent to them via email.  Once they were 100% satisfied with their design proof, we placed their order and began to manufacture their custom lapel pins.  The products were shipped to them quickly so that they would arrive in time for this year’s event.americanlegion

Who is the American Legion?

The American Legion is the nation’s largest veteran’s service organization in the United States.  It is comprised of former servicemen and women who have dedicated their lives to helping those in need.  In addition to sponsoring and mentoring youth, the group also advocates patriotism and honor as well as national security.  Their continued commitment to fellow servicemen and women and veterans is what they are best known for.

How Lapel Pins Plus Helps Its Customers?

Lapel Pins Plus helps create lapel pins for its customers that convey a special message.  We are able to do this through a number of mediums.  They are:

  • The custom artwork featured on the pins.
  • The size, shape, and style of the pins.
  • The colors used in the design for the pins.
  • Add-on features like glitter, spinning and sliding pieces, dangling charms, and blinking lights.
  • Different types of pin backings.

We offer suggestions as to how to use our products and the types of features that go best with the custom artwork that we create for each order.  This gives our customers, like the American Legion, creative license over the process and ensures their complete satisfaction.

For more ideas on how to pay tribute to fallen heroes and our military servicemen and women, visit today.

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority at Custom Lanyards Plus.  We strive to achieve repeat orders by producing quality products with superior craftsmanship that can be used in everyday settings.  Our lanyards come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors and are personalized with our customer’s name, logo, website or telephone number.  Optional attachments are available to fit each customer’s needs.schooldistlanyard

A Happy Customer=A Repeat Customer

The Bay City District Office contacted us with a need for custom lanyards.  They were so pleased with their order that they placed additional orders for every school in their district.  It is customers like these that keep us striving to exceed expectations.  We like to establish relationships that will last for many years and the best way to do that is to continue giving our customers first class customer service and high quality products.  A happy customer is often a repeat customer.

How Custom Lanyards Can Be Used in a School Setting

Custom lanyards can be used in a variety of different ways in school settings.  Here are a few of the ways that our customers utilize them:

  • To establish identity. Students, Staff Members, and Volunteers can wear the lanyards with badge holder attachments as a safe and easy way to establish identity.  Name badges and ID cards can be placed in the badge holder’s plastic sleeve and worn in a visible location.  More schools are leaning towards this type of product because of its usefulness in preventing outsiders from entering buildings without the proper identification.
  • To show school spirit. Lanyards can be personalized with the name of a club, sports team, or school name.  Students and faculty can wear the custom products to school events like football games and fundraisers as their way of showing support.
  • To celebrate graduating classes. High school seniors can have their own Class of …. lanyards to wear.  These items serve two purposes.  They help establish identity and they make a special souvenir for graduates.

To find out how you can personalize lanyards for your students, visit us on the web at  You will be able to see samples of the different styles of lanyards that we offer and learn how to request a free quote of our services.  You will also be able to determine what type of attachment best fits your student’s and staff’s needs.

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Baseball is America’s Favorite Pastime and rightfully so.  It combines the spirit of athleticism with the excitement of the crowd.  As players rush around bases, a feeling of triumph surrounds them. With each swing of the bat, they come that much closer to being unstoppable.

Why Baseball?

For young people looking to change their lives, baseball gives them plenty of opportunity to do so.  It provides them with a way to stay fit, form friendships with other players, and demonstrate the discipline needed to practice and win games.pony

Honoring Coaches and Officials with Custom Challenge Coins

Behind every championship team are coaches and officials that deserve recognition.  Pony Baseball West Zone contacted us because of their desire to pay tribute to those individuals who shape the lives of youth players. These items were handed out to the men and women of Pony Baseball as a way of thanking them for their commitment.

We were able to create a double sided challenge coin for them using the League’s mascot, a pony, and a baseball diamond featuring the words “60th Anniversary”.  These commemorative keepsakes were created in honor of six decades of existence. In fact, it is features like these that help set teams apart.

Features That Make an Outstanding Challenge Coin Design

There are a number features that make an outstanding challenge coin design:

  • A bold graphic like a logo or mascot
  • A special statement or sentiment
  • Details about the team, their hometown or the tournament
  • Decorative edging
  • 3D emblems
  • Sequential numbering

Custom shapes, sizes, and colors can also enhance a design and give it depth and dimension.

Our Role in the Challenge Coin Ordering Process

We often make suggestions once we have been contacted by a customer.  Being able to assess their needs, gives us a better understanding of what types of features will be the most beneficial.

What may be important to some customers may be of less importance to another.  Speaking to the customer by phone allows us to get a feel for their request and therefore allows us to give a professional estimate regarding the design process.  In the end, we want to create the type of custom product that our customers can be proud of.

There are several ways to make contact with us.  First, you can visit us online at  Or, if you prefer, you can call us toll-free at 1-800-252-0904.  We also can be reached by emailing  Our dedicated sales professionals are on hand to answer any questions you might have about challenge coins and their uses.

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Earth Fare Supermarkets know that fresh sells.  The organic chain of grocery stores has committed itself to being a supplier of only the best types of food that money can buy.  In addition to being better for the body, Earth Fare products are also better for the environment.  These factors play an integral role in the company’s success.

Earth Fare’s consciousness is extended to all facets of its business including the way that it honors long term employment.  In fact, we can attest to this as we were recently given the opportunity to create years of service lapel pins for the company.  Using a simple design of a tomato, we were able to give the customer exactly what they were looking for in terms of a lapel pin.


On a daily basis, customers contact us because they need to create years of service and employee recognition awards for their businesses.  We are able to personalize the process by taking their design ideas and create custom artwork for them.  These logos, mascots, and emblems are then turned into quality lapel pins that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Companies depend on us to deliver the type of spectacular customer service that they model their own businesses after.  We work hard to exceed their expectations because we know what an important role our products play in their employee incentive programs.  We are able to get a message across and still remain true to our customer’s intent.

In the case of Earth Fare, fresh, organic vegetables are something their customers and employees appreciate and enjoy.  Providing high quality food free from additives and preservatives, synthetic growth hormones, and animal by-products is something of value to the individuals that shop at and work for Earth Fare.  It would be fitting then to create a years of service lapel pin featuring a design that both groups could appreciate.

A sun ripened tomato glistens from the shirts of every employee that has worked for the company for at least a year.  This helps Earth Fare accomplish a few things:

1.    The employer is able to establish a personal relationship with its employees by recognizing and rewarding dedication.

2.    Exemplary employees are able to encourage their co-workers to maintain the same level of service for long periods of time.

3.    Employees are able to communicate the level of their commitment to the company’s customers.

For the type of lapel pins that accomplish more, contact Lapel Pins Plus.  We can take an idea and turn it into years of service lapel pins or employee recognition awards pins effortlessly.  A complimentary free quote will give you a better idea of what we need from you.  Call 1-800-252-0904 or email for more information.

Monday, August 16th, 2010

retirementAdam Schwinn came to us in need of our help.  He is retiring from the Air Force and wanted to create a special coin to present to attendants at his retirement ceremony.  He decided to enlist our services by submitting an inquiry to us.  He stated how important this event was to him and even let us know what his preferences were in terms of the product’s size and shape.  Drawing upon our past experiences designing and manufacturing custom challenge coins, we were able to come up with a design Adam could be proud of.  We are looking forward to receiving a follow-up from him after the big event.

On a regular basis, we create custom challenge coins for members of the military to use for their retirement ceremonies.  These items are rich in personal history and have a high sentimental value.  People tend to order these coins as a way of connecting with their family members, friends, and colleagues.  They make an incredible souvenir that serves as a testimonial of that person’s life achievements—both personal and professional.

We offer a variety of extras to our customers to help make the ordering process easy.  In addition to complimentary design services, we also provide our customers with a full-color digital proof to look over.  Once the design has been approved, we move forward with the manufacturing process and send out the custom challenge coins orders with free shipping.  This helps us accomplish two things.  It serves as a thank you gift to our customers and it encourages them to purchase from us again.

Important events occur on a daily basis.  Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement that is being celebrated, custom challenge coins make a great gift to have on hand.  Highly regarded and personalized to meet a customer’s needs, they are one product that people tend to gravitate towards when marking a milestone event like the one Adam is planning.

Friday, August 13th, 2010

When you think of challenge coins, what comes to mind?  Do you envision them to be round and military orientated?  Did you know that custom challenge coins can be designed in any size, shape, and color imaginable? dlacoin

Challenge Coins Plus prides itself in providing custom challenge coins according to its customers’ specifications.  One company in particular, DLA Energy, decided to go with a unique shape for its custom challenge coins.  Rather than go with a standard, round coin, they decided to have a barrel shaped one created as a way of to identify themselves as a fuel supplier for the military.  The end result was an incredibly unique challenge coin that was easily identifiable.  DLA Energy was pleased with their order and the free shipping that we offered them.

Today’s companies like to think outside the box.  This requires them to employ different strategies to get the public’s attention.  A unique shaped challenge coin can serve as a valuable marketing tool.  It can generate interest in a product or service by mere appearance.  People can see a challenge coin like DLA Energy’s and know what the company is all about.  The more different the design is, the greater the likelihood of it being noticed by others.

In addition to providing different sizes, shapes, and colors, we also offer dual plating, 3D emblems, and decorative edges.  This gives our customers an unlimited amount of choices.  To see samples of the different challenge coins we have created throughout the years, visit

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