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August 17, 2010 by lapelpinsplus

Earth Fare Supermarkets know that fresh sells.  The organic chain of grocery stores has committed itself to being a supplier of only the best types of food that money can buy.  In addition to being better for the body, Earth Fare products are also better for the environment.  These factors play an integral role in the company’s success.

Earth Fare’s consciousness is extended to all facets of its business including the way that it honors long term employment.  In fact, we can attest to this as we were recently given the opportunity to create years of service lapel pins for the company.  Using a simple design of a tomato, we were able to give the customer exactly what they were looking for in terms of a lapel pin.


On a daily basis, customers contact us because they need to create years of service and employee recognition awards for their businesses.  We are able to personalize the process by taking their design ideas and create custom artwork for them.  These logos, mascots, and emblems are then turned into quality lapel pins that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Companies depend on us to deliver the type of spectacular customer service that they model their own businesses after.  We work hard to exceed their expectations because we know what an important role our products play in their employee incentive programs.  We are able to get a message across and still remain true to our customer’s intent.

In the case of Earth Fare, fresh, organic vegetables are something their customers and employees appreciate and enjoy.  Providing high quality food free from additives and preservatives, synthetic growth hormones, and animal by-products is something of value to the individuals that shop at and work for Earth Fare.  It would be fitting then to create a years of service lapel pin featuring a design that both groups could appreciate.

A sun ripened tomato glistens from the shirts of every employee that has worked for the company for at least a year.  This helps Earth Fare accomplish a few things:

1.    The employer is able to establish a personal relationship with its employees by recognizing and rewarding dedication.

2.    Exemplary employees are able to encourage their co-workers to maintain the same level of service for long periods of time.

3.    Employees are able to communicate the level of their commitment to the company’s customers.

For the type of lapel pins that accomplish more, contact Lapel Pins Plus.  We can take an idea and turn it into years of service lapel pins or employee recognition awards pins effortlessly.  A complimentary free quote will give you a better idea of what we need from you.  Call 1-800-252-0904 or email info@lapelpinsplus.com for more information.

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