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August 30, 2010 by lapelpinsplus

One of the most exciting aspects of designing, creating, and manufacturing custom lapel pins is the variety of customer backgrounds that we encounter.  We are contacted on a daily basis by businesses, organizations, religious groups, schools, and clubs that are looking for unique ways to stand out in their communities. Using their ideas, we are able to create personalized lapel pins that assist them with fulfilling their needs. These items are used for a number of purposes, including self-promotion, employee recognition incentives, and fundraising efforts.archdiocese

Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are fully involved with the design process. Not only are they able to submit custom artwork like a logo, emblem or mascot, they also choose the size, shape, and color that best represents their company or group.  For example, we were contacted by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with a special request. They were looking for a way to award members of their clergy, specifically the Cardinal’s Cabinet for a job well done.

By submitting an image of the Cardinal’s Crest to Lapel Pins Plus, they were able to get their message across while simultaneously providing their clergy with a personalized gift rich in symbolism. We were able to convey the information given to us to create custom lapel pins for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that were exceptional in design and in appearance. This beautiful round pin plated in gold, has a white background with a colorful seal and contains the Latin text meaning “the word was made flesh”.

What Makes Custom Lapel Pins Special?

Custom gifts tend to strike a chord with their recipients. They are relevant and often reference a specific time or place in their lives. People love to wear lapel pins on articles of clothing, hats, and even bags as a way of sharing their award with the world. Portability and quality craftsmanship make lapel pins a very popular item to give away.

To discuss your unique needs with us, visit http://www.lapelpinsplus.com.  You will be able to see examples of our past work by visiting our galleries and looking at the different styles of lapel pins that we have to offer. In addition to soft enamel and cloisonne, we also have die struck, offset printed, and photo etched. Each style of lapel pin has its own look and distinct advantages. To find out how you can get a free quote today, call 1-800-252-0904 or email info@lapelpinsplus.com.

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