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Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The Montrose Blueberry Festival is held in Montrose, Michigan and attracts visitors from neighboring communities as well as different states and countries each year.  Since its beginnings in 1972, the annual event features a number of activities for individuals and families to enjoy.  From parades to a blueberry pancake breakfast, attendants at the festival have plenty of things to talk about and experience.blueberry

A member from the Festival’s Committee contacted Lapel Pins Plus with ideas for a custom designed lapel pin to hand out at this year’s event which is being held August 15th-22nd.  They did not have any artwork to give us so we asked our team of graphic designers to come up with an image that captured the spirit and excitement of the Montrose Blueberry Festival.

We were able to come up with a classic design that the customer approved of and shipped it so that it would arrive prior to the first day of the event.  This ensured that everyone in attendance could receive their own custom blueberry lapel pin.

Receiving your custom lapel pin order in time can significantly influence the outcome of your festival or event. Free delivery is one of the many ways we go the extra mile for our customers.  We also provide complimentary quotes, design services, full-color digital proofs as well as up to seven colors free of charge.  This helps you get the type of product that meets and exceeds your expectations.

The past Montrose Blueberry Festivals have seen their fair share of attendance.  This year’s event, advertised through the use of custom lapel pins, helps generate interest in the community and all it has to offer.  For your own festival lapel pins, contact Lapel Pins Plus for a free quote and let us create a design that works for you.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Recently, the Sahuro Miata Car Club contacted us because they needed lapel pins created for an annual event that they are hosting.  Using the customer’s ideas, we were able to design the type of lapel pins that capture the spirit of the car club and its members.  The small tokens of appreciation were created with the intention that they would be handed out at the event as a way of thanking everyone in attendance.  For Miata enthusiasts, these items will serve as the ultimate souvenir.miata

Who is the Sahuro Miata Car Club?

The Sahuro Miata Car Club is located in central Arizona and is compromised of Miata owners who like to meet up and mingle at events sponsored throughout the state.  In addition to a number of perks like merchandise discounts, free food and prizes, members get to participate in planned runs and events.  They also have the opportunity to meet others who share a passion for Miatas.

What is the Benefit of Ordering Custom Lapel Pins for Your Car Club?

There are a number of ways that car clubs can benefit from ordering custom lapel pins.  A few of them include:

  • Increased membership because individuals have seen the club’s pins and want to join in on the fun.
  • A greater sense of community because each member is affiliated with the club.
  • Sentimental feelings increase upon seeing the lapel pins and remembering the times shared with fellow club members.

What Types of Items Help Lapel Pin Designs Stand Out?

There are a number of features that help car club lapel pin designs stand out.  They are:

  • The style of the pin.
  • The size of the pin.
  • The shape of the pin.
  • The artwork included in the pin’s design.
  • The colors included in the pin’s design.
  • Add-ons like glitter, blinking lights, dangling charms as well as spinning and sliding pieces.

Like the Sahuro Miata Car Club, Lapel Pins Plus recognizes the importance of having quality, custom lapel pins available for special events.  We can transform your ideas into an outstanding product that you will be proud to hand out to members of your car club.  Contact us today via the web, email or telephone for a no obligation, free quote.  We can even explain the different options that are available to choose from today.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Yesterday’s blog mentioned our ability to create custom artwork for our customers using the ideas that they supply to us.  Steve Roberson, a Lapel Pins Plus customer, recently contacted us with a special request.  He wanted us to create a tribute pin featuring a fireman’s helmet and the words “In Memory of a Lost Fire Chief”.  Steve also mentioned that the pin was going to be handed out at a bike ride that would be honoring the fallen chief.  He provided this information to us and we were able to come up with a lapel pin design that exceeded his expectations.  Not only was his order shipped in time for the event, we also picked up the cost of shipping.  Free design services and delivery options are just a few of the ways we thank our customers for their business.fireman

We do this on a regular basis.  Customers phone or email us with an idea and our team of talented graphic designers comes up with custom artwork that fits the individual’s specifications.  In Steve’s case, we were able to obtain just enough information from him to create the type of image that he approved of.  Touching memorial pins like these can be used to honor fallen firefighters, law enforcement agents, government employees, and members of the military.

Personal lapel pins strike a chord with their recipients.  They are often viewed as keepsakes because of their rich personal meaning.  In the case of tribute pins, individuals can keep the memory of a loved one alive.  Each time that someone comes into contact with the object, they will be reminded of the person and the life that he or she lived.

For the type of product that touches hearts, consider ordering custom lapel pins from Lapel Pins Plus.  We make the process hassle-free and can come up with an amazing design for your products using your ideas as our guide.  Email or call us toll-free at 1-800-252-0904 for a free quote.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

At Lapel Pins Plus, we know how important it is to make a good first impression.  That is why we exceed expectations when designing and manufacturing custom lapel pins for our customers.  We use our vast array of skills and years worth of knowledge to guide us as we create custom artwork for our customers using their ideas, photographs, and graphics.

We strive to be memorable by providing the best service available and do everything in our power to make sure that every order meets our standards for quality and craftsmanship.  We even offer free shipping as a way of thanking you for placing your custom lapel pin order with us.  Now that’s what we call value!

One of our biggest selling points is our ability to take a written idea and create a one-of-a-kind lapel pin design without the help of pre-created artwork.  This gives our graphic designers creative license over the design process and provides you with the type of product that helps you achieve whatever it is that you set out to do.

Whether your custom lapel pins are being created with the intention of gaining new customers, advertising a product or service that your provide, rewarding a superstar employee for their efforts or announcing an upcoming fundraiser or event, we’ve got you covered.  Our talented team of designers is on hand waiting to hear your ideas.

Once you have contacted us for a no obligation, free quote, we begin creating custom artwork for you using your design ideas and later send you a full-color digital proof to examine.  You are able to request as many changes as you deem necessary after viewing the proof.  Once your design has been perfected and approved, we begin the manufacturing process so we can get your custom lapel pin order to you in time for your next big event.

We cannot stress how easy the ordering process is.  We know how busy your schedule can be so all that we require from you is a general idea of what you want to feature on your lapel pins.  Once you have expressed these ideas to us via phone or email, we can get started on creating the type of product that sets you apart from others.

To request a free quote today, call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free or email  To view samples of our pins, visit

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Resorts and hotels around the country offer travelers a place to lay their weary heads after a long day sightseeing or attending business conferences.  In addition to providing everything a person desires in the form of swimming pools, massage therapists, and onsite fine dining, most locations have a staff that is attentive and welcoming.

Uses for Custom Lapel Pins in Hospitality Settings

Custom lapel pins worn in a visible area of a uniform help establish identity and make visitors feel invited the moment that they enter your hotel or luxury resort.  In addition to taking the place of traditional name tags, they can also be used to:

  • Promote Special Offerings like VIP Clubs, Conferences, and Events
  • Hand Out to Guests as Tokens of Appreciation
  • Awarded to Winners of Contests in Recreational Settings

Types of Lapel Pins to Choose From

The highly personalized nature and unique appearance of custom lapel pins make them a popular product in the hospitality and tourism industry.  In addition to being lightweight and durable, they also can be customized in whatever way that you see fit.  You can select the colors, size, shape, and style that best represent your company and its employees.hotel

If your hotel needs years of service pins, you can elect to have your order die struck.  You can even add gemstones signifying the different levels of commitment a person has made by working for your establishment. Die struck lapel pins come in a variety of different finishes which gives them timeless appeal and charm.  They are great for banquets and awards ceremonies where resort and hotel employees are being recognized.

If you are looking for something with the appearance of fine jewelry, you can opt to order cloisonné lapel pins.  They are brilliantly colored and smooth to the touch.  Men and women alike enjoy wearing these types of lapel pins.  In fact, they are one of our most popular styles.

Soft enamel lapel pins are similar in appearance to cloisonné pins.  They often feature a hotel or resort’s logo as well as its name.  You can submit your design ideas to us and have us create a full color digital proof for your establishment.  Perfecting the image is easy once you have initially made contact with us via our website, toll-free telephone number or email address.

Whatever the occasion, Lapel Pins Plus can create the right type of lapel pins for your guests as well as your hotel and resort staff.  To learn more about our products, visit

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

From time to time, we receive special requests involving lapel pins that have been previously produced by other companies.  Customers may have not seen a need for a large quantity of product when they initially ordered but soon find it advantageous to have additional lapel pins on hand for personal and professional reasons.

One customer in particular, Walter from Friendship Force, benefited from our ability to create additional lapel pins using a design that he already had on hand.  The process started by having him mail us the lapel pin that he wanted replicated.  Walter requested that we create the same pin that he sent in but he was hoping we could change the text.  With the help of high resolution photography and top notch design skills, our team of talented graphic designers was able to make an exact replica of the lapel pin (with the requested text change) and submit a full-color digital proof via email for Walter to look over.  Walter received his digital proof only a few short hours after we received his physical sample and there was no charge for this service.  Once the image was approved, we began the process of manufacturing Walter’s lapel pins which only took about 8

If you have a lapel pin on hand to send to us, we can digitally recreate it for you. This is one more service that we provide to make your entire lapel pin experience a quick and easy one.  There is no project too big or too small for Lapel Pins Plus.  We give you choices in terms of size, shape, style, colors, and finishes and all you have to do is tell us if you like it or not.

As a designer and manufacturer of custom lapel pins, we know the importance of branding.  On a daily basis, we create personalized products for businesses, academic institutes, sports teams, clubs, and organizations.  We keep a copy of all designs on file just in case a customer wants to order additional lapel pins in the future.  This saves you time and makes reordering a specific design easy and hassle-free.

Like Walter, you can request duplicates of a lapel pin that has already been manufactured.  Simply send the item to us via postal mail and watch for an email from us containing your digital proof.  You can reach us by phone toll-free by calling 1-800-252-0904 or emailing with any questions or ideas that you might have.  A trained sales professional will be available to help assess your needs.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Masonic lodges around the country find custom lapel pins to be useful in their day to day activities.  In addition to declaring membership in the age old group, each pin is designed to represent the lodge that it was created for.  Not only does this give individuals their own personalized piece of memorabilia to wear to meetings, it also goes a long way to strengthen the bond of the group’s members.  Masons can share their affiliation with pride.PROOF-53scrubbedfx

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a term that refers to a fraternal organization with a mysterious background dating back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries.  Membership is estimated to be six million with over two million members in the United States alone.

The fraternity is organized in different Grand Lodges located in Scotland, Ireland, England, and the US.  Members believe in the motto, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” and display two principle symbols—the square and compass.  Many of our customers include these items in their custom lapel pin designs.

The symbols are universal and iconic.  Fellow members can see them from afar and know what they refer to.  Individual lodges can add personal features to their custom lapel pin design to make them different from others located within the fraternity.  Being distinguishable is important to Masons from every corner of the globe.

Lapel Pins Plus has a lot to offer its customers.  Here are a few of the ways we make ordering custom lapel pins easy:

  • We offer you a free quote with no strings attached.
  • We provide you with free design services.
  • We send our custom artwork via a full color digital proof for you to review.
  • We give you up to seven colors for free.
  • We offer free shipping on your order.
  • We are available to answer any questions you might have and provide knowledgeable advice to you regarding your choice of size, style, and shape of custom lapel pins.

Three Ways to Reach Us

There are three ways to inquire about our products and services.  They are:

Rich in personal history and symbolism, Masonic lapel pins serve as a reminder of the past and give promise to the future.  Members of the different Lodges located worldwide can appreciate the timeless appeal of our products and the exceptional customer service that they receive when they order from Lapel Pins Plus.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Motorcycles and lapel pins go hand and hand.  Riders from all over the country show their affiliation with a club or organization through the use of personalized products like the ones we sell at Lapel Pins Plus.  In addition to being small and customizable, our lapel pins are durable and practical.  In fact, motorcycle clubs use them for fundraiser events, poker runs, and to remember fallen riders.get-attachment.aspx

Fundraising Events

When it comes to being charitable, motorcycle riders are at the top of the list.  These men and women use custom lapel pins to advertise their fundraising events which allows them to help local and national charities.  Awareness ribbon lapel pins in every color and pattern imaginable can be ordered and worn as a way of showing support for an organization or cause.

Poker Runs

Participants ride from one location to another, get a playing card at each stop and the best poker hand at the end of the event wins.  Motorcycle enthusiasts as well as poker players have fun competing in these events.  They take their souvenir lapel pin home with them as a fond reminder of the poker run and the people that they met along the way.

Paying Tribute to Fallen Riders

Personalized lapel pins demonstrate the importance of remembering fallen riders as well as their family members and friends.  When attached to a motorcycle jacket or shirt, the pins carry a powerful message.  Prisoners of War (POWs) emblems are often featured on custom lapel pins and embroidered patches as a way of paying tribute to our service men and women.

Motorcycle clubs create custom lapel pins for a number of reasons.  In addition to promoting other riders and community organizations, they use our products to establish affiliation with other bikers and groups located in their state and country.  Because the lapel pins are personalized with details about a club, its location, and its mission, it is easy to recognize motorcycle club members at a glance.

Types of Lapel Pins to Choose From

Riders have their choice of styles.  We offer:

  • Soft Enamel
  • Cloisonne
  • Die Struck
  • Offset Printed

Each type of pin has its own set of advantages.  Offset printing is ideal for exact replicas of photos and artwork.

If you are looking for custom lapel pins that serve many purposes, Lapel Pins Plus is the right option for you.  Visit us on the web at to find out how you, too, can plan a successful poker run or fundraising event using personalized pins created by us.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration, also known as the FAA, likes the look and appeal of custom challenge coins from Challenge Coins Plus.  In addition to creating orders for their Seattle, Memphis, Jacksonville, and Atlanta locations, we have found that other cities contact us because they are interested in having their very own design.

Satisfied FAA Customers Speak Out

One look at another city’s challenge coin is all that it has taken for us to receive new business from other FAA locations.  Because each airport FAA office has its own motto, each location wants its very own personalized challenge coin.  We help each city accomplish this by incorporating their chosen design features into the custom artwork that we create for them.get-attachment.aspx

Customizing Challenge Coins to Fit Each Location

Although the front image seldom changes from location to location, the back side of the challenge coin is modified to fit each city’s own design.  The end result is a product rich in personal meaning and perceived value.  FAA employees can keep their challenge coins as a reminder of their past professional achievements.  They can store and display these items in velvet bags and boxes or acrylic cases which we sell on our website, located at

Why Challenge Coins?

With so many personalized products available, why should a customer choose custom challenge coins?  The answer is actually very simple.

Not only are they long lasting, they are also perceived as being valuable and make a great collector’s item.  Although other products exist to reward employees, nothing sends out a clearer message than custom challenge coins from Challenge Coins Plus.

We offer a variety of features and add-ons that enhance the appearance of the custom artwork created by our design team.  In addition to your choice of size, shape, style, and colors, we offer:

  • Decorative Edges
  • Glitter
  • 3D Molding
  • Dual Plating

We also provide our customers with experienced advice, complimentary design services, and free shipping.  That is one of the reasons why customers like the FAA choose to order from us.

For a free quote and full color digital proof, contact Challenge Coins Plus by phone or email today.

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