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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

cciCelebrity Centre International (CCI), a church of Scientology, works to bring real solutions to major societal problems. Grounded in its beliefs and mission to help all people, improve education, promote human rights, provide drug rehabilitation programs, and uncover a way to happiness are the many ways in which the church serves communities all over the world. Internally, it continually takes strides to improve the overall functionality of the establishment.

A Twice as Nice Law Enforcement Lapel Pin

The most recent change to the Centre’s inner workings was the formation of a new security division.  When CCI needed a custom pin for its latest addition to its church family, we were the lapel pin maker it called on.

This unique pin could very well be viewed as a gold star lapel pin because it has that classic “sheriff’s badge” look but it is not just gold.  This particular lapel pin has been plated in both gold and silver, a technique we call dual plating. The option of alternating between silver and gold plating emphasizes the flexibility custom made lapel pins from Lapel Pins Plus offer.

In addition to the custom coating, leaves, and star which are gold, rest on the silver center of the logo lapel pin. The security organization’s name surrounds the logo and segues to the gold points of the star. Further attention to detail allowed us to give the pin an antique look.

The etched leaf-like pattern on the points and other recessed areas received and antique finish that really makes the lapel pin stand out.  Adding an antique finish is just one of countless ways that Lapel Pins Plus delivers a stellar quality lapel pin that our customers are always 100 percent satisfied with.

When you trust us to design lapel pins for the latest addition to your organization, members are sure to feel welcomed and view themselves as a crucial part of the team.

Our custom lapel pins are created with the knowledge of our industry professionals combined with state of the art software and equipment. Email us today at to start your custom order and receive your free digital proof with unlimited revisions. You can also contact us toll free at 1-800-252-0904 to speak directly with one of our representatives.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Donors are the heart and soul of many hospitals around the nation.  Without their financial support, these institutions often fall short where their basic needs are concerned.  Generous philanthropists invest their time, money, and resources in making these hospitals pillars in their communities.

Piedmont Hospital contacted us with their request for custom lapel pins.  They wanted a special way to thank donors for their continuous support.  In addition to coming up with custom artwork to feature on their personalized gifts, we also offered them free shipping so that their products would arrive in the most timely manner possible.

Modern Fundraising Attempts

Fundraising efforts have now changed.  A tough economy has presented unfavorable conditions to solicit funds.  Sending items like custom lapel pins along with a handwritten note acknowledges the efforts of donors and has become a popular practice with philanthropic boards in most major hospitals.  Rather than leave it up to someone else to say “Thanks,” the members go straight to the source and contact the men and women that are committed to making a difference in the cities that they live in.piedmonthospital

Count Us In

Hospitals like Piedmont have large philanthropic boards that are responsible for raising large sums of money.   We recognized the need for a quality lapel pin featuring the group’s unique message.  The Piedmont Philanthropy 2011 Donor lapel pin is simple in design but powerfully worded.  “Count Me In” shows the general concern donors have in specific causes.  Wearing the token of appreciation also helps to get the word out about the hospital’s needs for funding.

At charitable events and fundraising efforts, having a box full of custom donor lapel pins is favorable.  We can help you get started with the ordering process by answering any questions you might have about the products that we sell.  You can visit to learn more about the different styles of lapel pins that we offer.  You can then submit an online quote request , email or call us toll-free at 1-800-252-0904 when you are ready to submit your ideas to us so we can create and manufacture custom lapel pins for your donors.

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The McQueeny Fire Department in McQueeny, Texas wanted a special way to thank its volunteers.  They wanted the challenge coins that they created to reflect their roots as proud Texans.  They also wanted to incorporate a Maltese cross into the design along with other images that were symbolic to them.  Using these ideas, we were able to come up with a double sided challenge coin worthy of praise for all of the department’s volunteers.

Honoring the Service and Commitment of Others

Being able to honor the men and women that make up the McQueeny Volunteer Fire Department was important to our customer.  That is why we took the steps necessary to make sure that his experience was as pleasant as possible.  Right down to the last detail, we were able to ensure that the quality and craftsmanship that our challenge coins are known for translated well to each and every volunteer.  Our ultimate goal was to provide them with the type of award they could be satisfied with.mcqueenyfiredept

Challenge Coin Symbolism

Challenge coins have the ability to move people towards the direction of their goals.  They are affiliated with the military where men and women have to be of sound mind and good character.  The same can be said about fire department personnel.  Because they are in the public eye, they must be pillars of strength and the perfect example of model citizens.

Loyalty, determination, perseverance, and bravery are all noble characteristics of challenge coin recipients.  The products that we designed for the McQueeny Volunteer Fire Department are reflective of these traits.  Individuals are pleased to have these items in their personal collections of memorabilia.

For years, we have been creating personalized challenge coins that exceed our customer’s expectations.  We do this in a number of ways but most importantly, we maintain a level of personal interaction with each and every customer that orders from us.  We are available to answer any questions that a person might have about their order.  We also offer suggestions on ways to display our products safely and conveniently.

One visit to answers the question, “How do I make the greatest impression on my volunteers?”  From single sided to double sided coins, we offer everything that you need at Challenge Coins Plus.

Monday, September 27th, 2010


One in 110 children is diagnosed with Autism. Though its cases are more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, and pediatric AIDS combined, the exact cause of this disease is still unknown.  Autism Speaks, a non-profit organization founded in 2005, responded with a call to awareness by hosting the well-known Autism Walk which takes place all over the United States and Canada.  To promote the walk and support the organization’s efforts, we helped Autism Speaks create a unique puzzle lapel pin.

An Eye-Catching Awareness Lapel Pin

When we were contacted by Helen Gonyea, a representative of the organization, we were told they needed help creating a logo for their upcoming autism walk.  Lapel Pins Plus was able to take the single puzzle piece graphic from the website and transform it into a new logo consisting of several multicolored puzzle pieces.  The new logo lapel pin is not only outstanding and unique in terms of artwork but in some other ways as well.

At first sight, that is if you are familiar with different pin styles, you might think this colorful glossy accessory is a cloisonné lapel pin because of its sparkling quality.  However, it is a soft enamel lapel pin with “black metal” plating that makes the colors really stand out as a blue, yellow, and red ribbon lapel pin.

Creating the shape of the walk pin was a key part of the process. In order to create the ribbon shape, we had to remove or cut away the center. This rarely used method is called “cut-out” and is great with any lapel pin design especially if you are trying to achieve a look that is truly one-of- a-kind.

Easy Design Solutions From a Quality Lapel Pin Maker

Deciding on a new logo or how a lapel pin should look is a common setback for our customers.  Lapel Pins Plus takes pride in being available to help solve this problem. Our creative solution is keeping the process simple.

The first thing you have to do is contact us via email or telephone at or 1-800-252-0904 with your logo or design ideas.  Our team of design specialists comes up with a design based on your ideas and needs.  We then send you a free digital proof and price quote via email.  You are permitted to revise your artwork as many times as you like until you are completely satisfied.  Once we receive your approval and payment, your lapel pins will be sent directly to you.  It really is just that simple.

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Every year we help come up with a new lapel pin design for the Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club.   The group’s main event is held on Thanksgiving weekend and features some of the best players in Washington state.  The annual get-together promises fun and excitement for participants.  Custom lapel pins created in conjunction with the Turkey Shoot help preserve memories and reward individual players for their efforts on the field.turkeyshoot

Because of the phenomenal work our graphic designers did in the past for the client, we were able to win their repeat business.  This goes to show you that complete satisfaction with the design process and the products we sell is of utmost importance to us.  We work alongside our customers to make sure that they get the type of custom lapel pins that are attractive, long lasting, and fun to wear.

We believe that the key to success is through customer satisfaction.  That is why we see so many repeat customers.  We partner up with these men and women so we can get a better feel of the types of products that they are looking for and the message that they are trying to deliver.

In the case of the Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club, their pins serve two purposes.  First of all, they announce the event.  Second, they serve as a thank you gift for each individual participating in the game.  Custom lapel pins are versatile and remain a favorite of sports teams for this reason.

We take suggestions from our customers and create custom artwork for them. Sports teams typically feature their mascots or school’s colors on their lapel pins.  This makes it easy to identify and give credit to each team.  We specifically design our pins this way so our customers can get the most out of every order.  In fact, it is one of the ways that we meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

To get started on your own order of lapel pins, contact us at 1-800-252-0904 or email  You do not need fancy artwork to get started.  Simply contact us with your design ideas and we will come up with lapel pins that fit your mission or purpose today.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Twelve Visions Party contacted us with a unique request.  They challenged us to create a pin that could be incorporated with another pin that we had previously made for them.  With help from our production department and the creativity of our design team, we were able to come up with a concept that was intriguing, exciting, and practical.  The customer was thrilled to see that we were able to cut out part of the base pin so that the magnet of the original pin could be used to secure both pins to the lapel of their sport coats.  That is how we were able to achieve a multi-faceted design that was reflective of our customer and their unique set of twelve visions.twelvevisions

Ways We Accommodate Our Customers

We strive to provide the best customer service imaginable to our customers.  We do this in the following ways:

1.    We are available via phone and email. We can be reached by calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free, filling out a quote request online at or emailing

2.  We provide sound, professional advice. Our expertise can help a person determine the size, shape, style, and color of products to select.

3.    We create custom artwork using our customer’s design ideas. A person simply submits his or her idea to us and we get to work designing the type of artwork that exceeds their expectations.

4.    We provide no obligation quotes prior to placing orders. This gives our customers the opportunity to fine tune artwork, revise quantities, and change colors or text as needed.

5.  We offer free shipping in the United States. As a final thank you to our customers for ordering with us, we pick up the costs of UPS Air Shipping.

No matter how large or small a project may be, our customers count on us to create custom lapel pins for a variety of occasions.  By listening to their ideas, we are better able to assess their needs and fulfill their requests.  Our combined years of service as lapel pin designers and manufacturers provide us with the type of knowledge our customers have come to respect.  That is why we see repeat customers like the Twelve Visions Party.  100% satisfaction is something we continuously strive for.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

EXIT Realty has been able to successfully differentiate itself as a real estate industry leader.  To further separate itself from the crowd of real estate moguls, the company wanted a giveaway item that promoted their branch. To fulfill the customer’s business needs, Custom Lanyards Plus was able to provide Exit Realty with a custom lanyard unlike no other.

Design Your Own Lanyard Using Custom Dye

With all of the customization options we offer, the real estate company decided on one that it didn’t even know was available.  As soon as we presented the option of custom dyed lanyards Exit Realty knew it was the best choice for the company’s purpose.exitrealty

Having your custom made lanyards dyed is an option seldom used but always leaves a favorable impression. Exit Reality’s lanyards were dyed to match the company’s colors perfectly. However, coloring the lanyard was just the start.  We still needed to perfect it by including detailed information about Exit Realty in the lanyard design.

Lanyards Grant Easy Access to Business Info

Once your organization has gained the attention of potential customers, it is important that they know how to get in contact with you when they need your products or services. Lanyards are the perfect size and shape for providing information about your business. Your company logo, web or email addresses, and phone number are just a few items that can fit on your custom lanyard.

Exit Realty included the branch website and phone number on its novelty lanyard. Since custom lanyards can be worn around the neck and are a great way to hang your keys or badges, they will also make your organization’s information easy-to-view and accessible.

Having Your Own Lanyard Manufacturer is Easier than You Think

Make Custom Lanyards Plus your provider of quality lanyards.  Not only do we offer custom dyed lanyards like the ones mentioned above, we also offer tie dyed. Our customers get their choice of high quality imprinted lanyards in tube, polyester or nylon materials. We also make custom woven lanyards.  Contact any of our design professionals at 1-800-519-9319 or email us at and let us consult with  you on the type of lanyards that will best fit your company’s needs.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

fearknotEvery so often, even as a state-of-the-art challenge coin company, we are pleasantly surprised at the requests we get from our customers.  One of our recent orders took us on an artistic journey that resulted in an outstanding and truly one-of-a-kind challenge coin, one that began simply as an image in someone’s mind.

When a new customer, Philip Brownlow, came to Challenge Coins Plus with his idea for a custom challenge coin, we quickly realized that his vision was a special one.  Brownlow wanted to create a coin that had never been attempted before.  We were happy to not only be the creator who would bring his image to life but to show exactly what makes us an expert on challenge coins.  Even the challenge coin design process started completely different from that of a typical order.

Knot Just a Figment of His Imagination

Our creativity was sparked when Brownlow mailed a rope sample to our office.  This was not just any rope though.  The rope was tied in a specific type of knot, a fear knot, which was symbolic to Brownlow.  The significance and importance of the knotted rope to our customer was our sole motivation for making sure we created a custom made coin he would love.rope2

Challenge Coins Plus worked hand in hand with Brownlow to create, what we consider, quite possibly the most unique coin we have ever made.  Our team of design professionals, with help of photography and design programs, created a coin that not only met but exceeded his expectations.  Brownlow is now working on placing his second order with us.

Your Vision Matters to Us

Find out for yourself how we can make your vision a reality.  Contact us via email at or call 1-800-252-0904 to find out how you can submit what could be the beginning of your authentic challenge coin.

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Hike for a Cure is devoted to the research and development of a cure for Histiocystosis , a rare and potentially fatal blood disease that affects one in 200,000 children each year. There are so few cases that the condition is considered an “orphan disease” and the government will not fund further research.hikeforacure

It has been 10 years since the organization’s founders received the Histiocystosis diagnosis of their newborn son, who, thanks to early diagnosis and treatment, is now 11 years old. They were lucky for such speedy and accurate test results but others may not be so fortunate if more is not done to understand, educate, and develop treatment for this disease. As a top lapel pin maker, Lapel Pins Plus supports Hike for a Cure’s efforts each year by creating a new design for its pins, including its tenth anniversary promotional lapel pin.

A Promotional Lapel Pin that Goes the Extra Mile

It was important for Hike for a Cure to have a lapel pin that captures the spirit of the organization.  It had to be uplifting in its look and feel while making an obvious statement.  We came up with a lapel pin design that has a gold finish with daring red letters and announcement of Hike for a Cure’s tenth anniversary appearing over a hiking footprint.

The organizer hands them out to participants who hike up the Half Dome in Yosemite, California as well as to donors and volunteers.  To further their fundraising efforts, Hike for a Cure could have also offered the lapel pins as sale items.

The Hike for a Cure anniversary lapel pin also serves as a good example of how Lapel Pins Plus not only delivers unique quality lapel pins but is committed to the important role we all play in the research and development of medical conditions and treatments.

You can always rely on us for quality consultation, design, and creation of lapel pins that meet all of your group’s or organization’s needs.  We will also give a complimentary price quote, free digital proofs, and unlimited revisions to ensure that you are completely satisfied with you lapel pin order. Email us with your questions or submit a request at  We can also be reached by phone at 1-800-252-0904.

Friday, September 17th, 2010

People of all ages love to play soccer. With the season in full effect, orders for every size of embroidered patch with teams’ names and logos are commonplace. Embroidered patch maker Embroidered Patches Plus fulfills customer requests for fun sport-oriented custom patch design on a regular basis.  Years of experience and quality workmanship make us a favorite among athletes worldwide.

Embroidered name patches are a must for each player. Our loyal customer, Boise National Soccer Club, needed us to create another custom patch for this year’s team. We embraced the challenge and delivered a peel and stick patch the entire team loves.  Most importantly, it is a patch that can be used in several ways.jongabrielson

Beneficial and Diverse Uses for Sport Patches

Giving out custom embroidered patches as a reward works well for emphasizing the importance of teamwork.  When the team reaches a goal or members have shown exceptional sportsmanship, awarding them with a one-of-a-kind patch will keep them motivated to succeed not just for themselves but for the team as well.

For those who simply enjoy being a team member, ownership of a patch can instill a sense of belonging and pride.  It can also make them feel important.  Viewing themselves as an asset to the team will keep players’ performance and morale high.

Embroidered patches are also perfect for team identification.  Team colors and uniform styles only say so much.  If you want your team to stand out or simply want to provide a way for fans to differentiate your team from its opponents, a custom patch is the way to go.

Custom patches from Embroidered Patches Plus are the best way to start your soccer, or other sport season.  Just give us a call at 1-866-511-0381 or email us at so we can start customizing your team patches today.

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