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Friday, October 29th, 2010

Customers are typically under very tight and specific time constraints. Making sure their personalized products get to them on time is among our highest priorities.

Lapel Pins Plus does everything we can to meet clients’ delivery requests. All too often, our clients ask us if they can pay extra for a rush delivery fee. Our answer to this question is, “no”, but not for the reasons you may think.

Expedited Shipping at No Additional Cost

We do not offer an additional shipping option because we already ship via UPS Priority Air.  This method is the fastest shipping method UPS offers. By using this option, we are taking all the steps we can to have your personalized products delivered to you in the fastest possible time. However, delivery times vary depending on the type of items ordered and production factors.

Trying to meet all of our customers requested delivery times is a challenge we embrace at Lapel Pins Plus. To ensure that each customer is presented with the best opportunity to benefit from the shortest delivery times, we have a few options to help us out.

On occasion, we are able to speed up production in order to meet a delivery deadline. One way we do this is by prioritizing jobs that have urgent delivery dates.  Requesting faster than normal production time from our production department is another option we utilize. However, whether or not they are able to successfully accelerate the process depends on their daily volume. Even more so, implementing either one of these choices does not cost you anything extra.

In addition to not incurring fees on speeding up the production process, there are no extra fees for shipping within the United States. In other words, domestic shipping is free.  This, however, does not mean we will not ship overseas.

Shipping to Overseas Addresses

Lapel Pins Plus will ship to APO addresses at a reasonable cost.  Our shipping process for overseas addresses consists of two parts. The first is shipment of the products to our office here in the United States. This portion of the delivery remains free of charge because it is domestic.  Secondly, we ship your package directly to you from our office via USPS.  It is only for this portion that we charge a shipping and handling fee.

Items Designed Your Way and When You Need Them

Partnering with us means there is no need to worry about being pressed for time.  Not only will we help you create the perfect customized lapel pin, challenge coin, lanyard or embroidered patch but also to get them to you exactly when you need them.

To request more information about this service, call us 1-800-252-0904 or send us an email at

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Of all the annual holidays, there are none that are sweeter, more colorful or fun than Halloween.  Though its roots stem from the Celtic seasonal celebration of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints Day, Halloween has become more of a secular rather than religious festival.halloween

Children and adults all over the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the U.K. anticipate the seasonal holiday’s arrival with advanced party planning, bags of candy, and costume purchases. This event also presents the perfect opportunity to update one’s collection with Halloween inspired custom patches or lapel pins from Lapel Pins Plus.

Creating Rewards for Troops as a Halloween Treat

Customized patches are used all over the world by boys and girl clubs as well as scout troops and youth organizations.  Holidays like Halloween can give participants one more reason to celebrate.

Typically Boy and Girl Scouts receive patches in recognition of their achievements.  Halloween patches can be given in the name of fun while encouraging them to be creative and productive. Designing a homemade costume, safe trick or treating and being a good party host are categories that can easily be added to the scouts’ list of tasks.  After completing the tasks, Halloween patches can be used as awards.

Logo Lapel Pins as Fall Festival Prizes

Pumpkins, witches, black cats, and spiders are just a few of the images that come to mind when we think of Halloween.  Logo pins for this time of year can be created with any of the above which makes them ideal as give-a-way items for Halloween carnivals.

For a more subtle seasonal effect, instead of using the typical holiday flare, you can utilize images of fallen leaves and acorns in your lapel pin design to announce the time of year.

Taking a Pass on the Candy

Individuals who like to participate in Halloween activities, but are not fans of a high sugar intake, can use embroidered patches or custom lapel pins as unique trick or treat hand outs. Health conscious parents can feel good knowing that they are not encouraging poor eating habits. By allowing Halloween lapel pins to become an annual trend, children receiving the pins can look forward to a different pin each year and have fun trying to collect them all.

Make Your Own Patch Anytime During the Year

With Halloween just a few days away, Lapel Pins Plus has fulfilled countless requests for Halloween patches and pins.  Though the time to satisfy Halloween requests has come and gone, we are here all year round.  Call our toll free number at 1-800-252-0904 with your questions or send us an email at to get a head start on the next season’s holiday order.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Veterans Day 2010 is just around the corner.  The annual holiday honoring military veterans falls on Thursday November 11th this year.  It marks the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. Records show that the Armistice was signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in1918, thus providing the official holiday date of 11/11.veterans

Adding Personalized Products to Veterans Day Activities

Lapel Pins Plus has not one, but two great ways to say thank you to veterans.  We suggest creating a personalized challenge coin or lapel pin. Both options are completely customizable and can effectively display the sincerity of the people paying tribute.

Custom lapel pins may be small but still have the ability to give a big thank you to members of the armed forces. Family members and friends can effortlessly create a lapel pin design to honor loved ones they have lost, who have served or are still serving in the armed forces. Even something as simple as the United States flag lapel pin could be created as a way of honoring these brave individuals.

The same concept applies to challenge coins as well.  A challenge coin’s design can include an emblem of the armed forces branch the recipient belongs to on the front and a message of thanks on the back.  Also, challenge coins can be double sided which allows for more details or information. In addition to single or double sided options, we offer several other design choices that will all work together to create a coin like the one you see here.

Features of the 20th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial Coin

This Veterans Day 2010 anniversary coin is nontraditional yet is truly meaningful.  Some of its key design features are:

  • Custom Shape – Not all coins are round. Some are square, triangular, and customized to include more than one shape. This coin is rectangular on the bottom with a “cut-out” on the top.
  • Cut-Out Details – The ordinal number 20 on the top of the coin is what we call a “cut out”. It gets its name from how spaces in the design were completely cut out rather than colored or dyed to show the details of it.
  • Selection of Colors – We offer wide selection of colors combinations for you to choose from.  This particular challenge coin combines bright red and yellow roses, white accents, and a black background with gold edges and letters.
  • Personalized Text – The word anniversary appears under the cut-out.  Those paying tribute clearly express their sentiment in the words, “Sons and Daughters in Touch” and “They Were Our Fathers”.  Lastly, the organization’s name and this year’s Veterans Day are proudly announced toward the bottom of the challenge coin.

Visit our Custom Coin Gallery located at to see more ways in which we can help you make this Veterans Day special.

If a lapel pin is what you are in need of, please check out our Lapel Pin Gallery at .

Whether you choose a lapel pin as your token of thanks or a challenge coin to pay tribute, we are here to help you honor the veterans in your life.  Send your requests to or call us at 1-800-252-0904.

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Most of our customers know that lapel pins are great when used as part of a recognition program.  What they do not know is that one custom pin can be designed in a way to include two separate pins. Lapel Pins Plus is able to make two pins work together as one which doubles their appeal.

The Basics of Dual Lapel Pin Creation

Regardless of why the pins are being created, customers will have to get both pins to create the final product. How we create this type of pin is fairly simple and it delivers dynamic results. Of the two pin orders, one pin will be the base pin and the other will be the insert pin.pinonpin

The two pins work together in this way:

  • The Base Pin does not have a post but has a hole going through it.
  • The Insert Pin, unlike the base, has a post.
  • The Post of the insert pin goes through the hole in the base pin.
  • Both Lapel Pins are attached to the garment using the post from the insert pin and a butterfly clutch.

Why Choose To Combine Pins

The element of duality is the perfect addition to any lapel pin design. It adds depth and character without interrupting the practicality of the pin.  It also creates a canvas for recognizing monthly or yearly anniversaries and changes in status.

As part of an employee recognition program or as years of service pins, the base pin could display the corporate or business logo while the insert pin reflects the employee’s individual accomplishment.  By designing the pins this way, the employer gets the added benefit of only investing in new insert pins with each promotion instead of completely new sets.

One Pin or Several the Choice is Always Yours

Lapel Pins Plus makes it a point to ensure that our customers know all of the options that are available to them.  Creating a single lapel pin using two separate pins is just one of many options we have available.  Whether you are ordering one lapel pin design, two pins for one design, or several different pins your satisfaction is our first priority.

Email us today at or give us call at 1-800-252-0904 to speak to one of our design professionals.

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar has been raising the standard of steakhouse dining experiences since it opened in 1998.  The stylish and contemporary steakhouse has won awards for outstanding food, wine, and service.  Its selection of the finest prime beef is adorned by a wide variety of chops, seafood, and chicken as well as creative side dishes and decadent deserts.flemings

Applying Various Color Schemes to One Famous Logo

With over 30 restaurant locations across the United States, Fleming’s Steakhouse knows it can depend on Lapel Pins Plus to help its reputation continue to thrive by ordering company lapel pins from us annually.

Each year we are able to incorporate the famous dining hall’s corporate logo into its lapel pin design.  The only changes the restaurant chain makes to the pin’s art is the color scheme.  By using the same logo with different colors, Fleming’s Steakhouse reinforces its presence with a fresh new look every year.

Aside from its renewed presentation, we also offered two versions of the same pin style to help the business distinguish exactly which pin employees will get. The steakhouse was both pleased and accepting of the option to have a die struck lapel pin in both silver and full colors.

Well-Known and New Features of the Pin Design

This year’s corporate lapel pins for Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar includes:

  • Signature “F” Logo. The corporate logo is prominent on the pin.
  • Custom Square Shape. Our lapel pins are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • One Solid Silver Pin. The color gives the pin a classic and professional look.
  • A Second Pin with Black and Pink Colors. Contrasting dark and light colors add fun and flare.

A Lapel Pin Industry Leader Every Business Can Trust

Lapel Pins Plus is glad to be the lapel pin maker that Fleming’s Steakhouse partners with each year.  Whether we are designing a new logo or simply revamping a previous one, our skilled design team has the ability to satisfy all your business pin needs and is guaranteed to help make your company stand out.

Our selection of pin styles combined with unlimited customizable options makes it simple for businesses and organizations to create unique custom pins.  Visit our website at to learn more about our numerous lapel pin styles.

Contact us via email at or call our toll free number 1-800-252-0904 with your inquiries.

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

The 8mm post with a butterfly clutch is the pin backing most commonly known by customers.  The post is the small nail like piece that is welded onto the backside of the pin.  The butterfly clutch is the closure that attaches to the end of the post and secures the pin to the garment.  The butterfly clutch is made to match the plating of the pin and can also be made of black rubber.  This backing is standard and comes free with every order.  However, this option is not the only one available.

The Exciting Variety of Lapel Pin Backs

Customers are always pleasantly surprised to learn that we offer a wide selection of pin backs.  Our additional backing options start as slow as $.25 cents each and include:

  • Locking Clutch: Our locking clutches come in two forms.  We have a deluxe locking clutch and a jewelry locking clutch.  With the exception of appearance, these two backs are virtually the same. Instead of the post sliding into the clutch, the closure screws onto the post securing the pin in place.
  • Magnetic: Some of our customers request that their personalized lapel pins have no post at all. To fulfill this type of order we offer magnetic backings. Using a magnet as a pin back is ideal in situations where there is little to no barrier between the pin and the wearer’s skin. It is an excellent safety feature when using pins on hats and for preventing damage to clothing and uniforms.
  • Smooth Back: If mounting your pin to another object is your goal, this is a great option. This option allows pins to be attached to items such as model planes or bicycles.  They are often mounted on trophies or award plaques as well.
  • Safety Pin: The closure on this pin back emulates that of a safety pin.  However, it is somewhat smaller and consists of a flat portion upon which your lapel pin is set.
  • Key Chains: You can turn any pin into a key chain with our key chain attachment.
  • Cuff Links: Custom lapel pins can easily be turned into cuff links using the cufflink attachment.

To get a closer look at our selection of pin backing and attachments visit . On this webpage you will be able to see the differences between each option.  After you have decided which option best suits your needs, Contact Us or request your Free Quote so we can start designing your personalized lapel pin.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Lapel pin clients that are pressed for time can take full advantage of our rush delivery option.  Lapel Pins Plus offers expedited shipping on photo lapel pins which are also known as offset printed lapel pins.  This style of pin can be delivered in a shorter period of time and still maintain the quality and craftsmanship of those that take longer to manufacture like soft enamel or cloisonné.

How Offset Printing Differs from Other Styles

While all lapel pins are similar at the beginning of their manufacturing process, change is imminent regarding the application of the lapel pin design. This is what gives each custom pin its signature look and appeal.

Offset printed pins, unlike the others, does not require metal separation between each color. Therefore, the design is not pressed into the metal nor does it create recessed areas. The offset pin design is actually printed onto the surface using several colors. This process ensures the result is always an exact copy of the graphics or artwork being used. It also makes it the ideal style option for pictures or complicated corporate logos with tiny details.

Why Offset Pins are Available for Rush Delivery

We have a variety of blank pre-determined lapel pin sizes available. Our solid metal pins are plated in real gold or silver. By already having pins on hand, we cut down on production time which is normally 7-10 days.  All that is left is printing the design onto the pin.

Once the design has been printed onto the lapel pin, an epoxy coating is applied.  This coating protects the printed image and adds an elegant quality to the pin while making the pin smooth to the touch.

High Quality Lapel Pins Without the Wait

Offset printing offers our customers increased design potential.  The option of rush delivery is an added benefit of choosing this style of lapel pin.

Lapel Pins Plus has all the options and skills needed to create the perfect lapel pin for you. Visit our gallery of offset printed lapel pins at  If you see something you like or want to find out more about a particular style, call us at 1-800-252-0904.  You can also contact us at

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

One thing Embroidered Patches Plus customers do not have to worry about is whether or not trying to keep them clean will damage their custom patches. Personalized patches are made to maintain their high quality look and feel even with regular cleaning. Sewing patches onto clothing or other everyday items provides added protection from wear and tear.patch

Sustaining Characteristics of a Custom Patch

The key aspects of that allow the patch to hold up to routine laundering are:

  • Color Fastness – As a custom patch maker we recognize the importance of using color fast threads versus other types. No one is ever happy to find clothing ruined by the dyes in other articles. This is why we use color fast threads.  The threads are able to withstand regular washing without bleeding their colors onto the host garment or other items.
  • PVC Backing – We protect the back of the patch with a PVC coating.  Though our customer can choose from four backing options based on how the patch will be used, PVC backing is our standard.  PVC is a thin coat of plastic applied to the back of the patch sealing the threads and helping it maintain its quality.
  • Permanence – Sewing a patch onto the garment makes it a permanent part of it. With your embroidered patch attached to a larger article it will barely be affected by a typical washing cycle.

eolapatchAll of these elements combined with the industry knowledge and skill of Embroidered Patches Plus guarantees your patch, and custom patch design, will keep its high quality look and feel for many years to come. 

Feel free to contact us at 1-866-511-0381 to learn more about our patch options.  You can also send us an email at

Monday, October 18th, 2010

shapecoin2Custom challenge coins come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Although many are typically round, they are fully customizable and designed to reflect the interests of the group or organization that they represent.  Many of our customers are unaware of the fact that different shapes can help enhance their custom artwork.  That is why we have taken upon ourselves to address this topic in today’s blog.

Ways to Make Your Custom Challenge Coins Unique

Challenge coins do not have to be perfectly square, rectangular or triangular.  They can be free formed.  If that wasn’t appealing enough, we also offer dog tag shaped items.  These custom coins can even be worn around the neck or attached to a keychain for a truly unique gift.

We recently started manufacturing challenge coin bottle openers.  These items are fully functional and are designed to be two items in one.  Recipients of these type of gifts appreciate their sentimental value and multi-purposeful appeal.

Members of the military can keep these items on hand and use them when needed.  Bottle opener coins are especially helpful during time periods where the challenger is required to buy them a drink of their choice.  They can pull out their coin and remove the cap off their beverage safely and easily.  They can pull out their coin and remove the cap off their beverage safely and easily.shapecoin3

To view a gallery of some of our past designs, visit or contact us directly by calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  You can also email to find out how you can create your own custom shaped challenge coins.

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Being able to customize lapel pins to fit your specific need is what has made these items so popular.  Most customers already know that using custom artwork, colors, text, and logos can enhance the appearance of their personalized items by increasing their visual appeal.  What they are not commonly familiar with is the choice of adding colored gemstones in addition to these items.  Not only are the small stones great for years of service and recognition award pins, they also can be used to signify different levels of achievement as well as birthdates.

Behind Gemstone Pins’ Sparkle and Shineorganogold

As a premier lapel pin maker, Lapel Pin Plus can customize lapel pins to include gemstones just as easily as we can with our other design options. The intricate process of setting gems in the lapel pin guarantees our customers do not have to worry about these items falling out or the pin losing its quality due to missing details.

All custom lapel pins start as cut-outs from larger sheets of metal. The lapel pin design is typically pressed into the metal cut-outs using a mold.  To apply gemstones, the mold has slightly recessed areas in the locations where the stones will be placed.  Once the mold is completed and the pin has been plated, the stones are mounted onto the lapel pin. 

Not only can we add gemstones to a design, we can also suggest a couple more options that enhance the presentation of the lapel pin. To use gemstones in a way that works best with your lapel pin design we provide:

  • Custom Sizing:  Gems can be done in a variety of sizes. Small stones can accent a lapel pin design while medium or large ones will make the pin stand out.
  •  Colors and Patterns: Different colored gems can be used on the same design. This option also creates an opportunity to create pins that differentiate between accomplishments, thus making them award lapel pins.

How you decide to use gemstones in your personalized pin request will be completely up to you.  To ensure that you are happy with your order, we provide you with industry knowledge and experience in designing the perfect lapel pin for your event or occasion. Our number one goal is our customer’s 100% satisfaction.

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