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April 22, 2011 by lapelpinsplus

Custom lapel pins, like the one shown here, are great for boosting staff morale, especially those who work in a medical environment.  The California Hospital team decided to find out for themselves how much of a difference having inspirational team lapel pins would make in their team members.  Likewise, they commissioned us to create a custom pin that would make it perfectly clear to employees how valuable they are.

Emphasizing the Collective Effort

Something as small as a customized team pin has many positive effects on those who wear it.  The group lapel pin becomes a source of pride and accomplishment to those that have met organization’s objectives and earned recognition for being dedicated members of the team. It is also an excellent motivator for individuals whom have fallen just a little short of achieving their goals. In addition, lapel pins serve as a constant reminder of what the team or company’s mission is to all who see it.

Keeping the Goal in Mind

When the mission or vision of an organization is always in sight, it is not forgotten and is obtained more easily.  In respect to lapel pin design, this means a simple message is usually all it takes. You can pick a key phrase from your company’s recent campaign or its motto.  Even a mission statement can be used as the basis of your group’s lapel pin design.

A Shining Example of Teamwork

As seen in the lapel pin above, California Hospital chose to play on the word “teamwork” with the catchy phrase “You Make Our Team Work”. Another design feature worth mentioning is that it is shaped like a star and displays miniature stars on its surface. Designing the high polished silver, soft enamel lapel pin in this way was a great attention getting idea that is sure to keep employees motivated.

If your team could use a morale boost or you simply want to recognize them for their hard work and cooperation, why not give them customized team pins?  Aside from being able to choose the shape, text and graphics for your personalized lapel pins, Lapel Pins Plus also gives you a choice of size, colors, add-ons like bobbles and danglers, as well as attachments and packaging.  Visit our How to Order page to learn more, http://www.lapelpinsplus.com/how-to-order/

Call Lapel Pins Plus today to speak with a knowledgeable representative and have one of our graphic artists get started on your free digital proof.  If you already have your own custom lapel pin design ideas, we would love for you to share them with us by emailing info@lapelpinsplus.com

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