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June 22, 2011 by lapelpinsplus

Chris-Craft is the oldest power boat company in America.  So, when they contacted us with their request for custom lanyards, we were pleased to be able to work with them.  Using their design ideas, we were able to create a classic navy blue, woven lanyard that coincides with their classic, All-American company.  The text that we used to identify the company was their signature script font in white.  This adds to the design without making it too busy.

Hosting a V.I.P. Event For Prospective Customers

Being able to host special events for prospective customers allows companies like Chris-Craft to shine.  Having custom lanyards made for giveaway purposes allows businesses of all sizes to promote themselves through the use of brand recognition.  That’s why it’s important for companies to think extensively about what they want featured on the items that we make for them.  This can be a logo or image along with text featuring identifying information like a phone number, email address or URL.

Using Lanyards to Differentiate Between Guests, Staff, and Vendors

Custom lanyards can be created in different colors as a way to differentiate between guests, staff, and vendors.  This is a smart way to get the most value from your purchase because you don’t have to change the design to achieve a different effect.  By simply selecting three different colors and then handing them out to the appropriate parties, you eliminate confusion as to which person belongs to which group of people.

PVC Badge Holders Help Companies Learn Customer Names

Optional PVC badge holders help companies learn customer, staff, and vendor names.  This is a great way to foster goodwill and also increase your level of professionalism as a business owner.  Since these items attach to the lanyard easily, they can be used at a later date to carry workplace IDs and drivers licenses.  This adds to the longevity of the lanyards by making them relevant and useful after the V.I.P. event.

Our lanyards come in a variety of styles.  They are highly effective, easy to customize, and full of style and appeal.  To order yours, visit http://www.customlanyardsplus.com.  You can also email info@customlanyardsplus.com or call 1-800-519-9319 today.

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