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Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Most schools are just starting to get out for the summer holiday.  That’s why it’s the perfect time to begin gathering the supplies that they will need for the upcoming school year.  At the top of their shopping list is custom lanyards.  The reason behind this is quite simple.  Athletic Directors use lanyards in many different ways.  In fact, here are a few of their most popular uses:

  • For identification purposes. Custom lanyards are great for carrying student IDs and keys.
  • To sell at fundraisers.  Because they are useful, easy-to-wear, and inexpensive, lanyards are great money makers.
  • To promote school spirit and pride.  People can put their school in the spotlight by wearing their team’s colors and mascot wherever they go.

One School With Multiple Activities

Sometimes schools order a large amount of a single design or they break up their order among many smaller designs for each sport or activity.  The lanyard pictured here can be used by different groups within the school’s athletic program.  This allows them to stay on budget and still enjoy the benefits of having multiple custom lanyards.

Safety Breakaway Option is Perfect For Students

Some highlights of this lanyard are the safety breakaway that is located at the center of the back of the neck as well as the buckle release that will allow the bottom part of the lanyard to detach from the main part of the lanyard.  The safety breakaway gives parents, teachers, and faculty members peace of mind because they know that students will be safe at all times because of this optional lanyard feature.

Other attachment options offered by Custom Lanyards Plus include:

  • Lobster Claw
  • J-Hook
  • Bulldog Clip
  • Key Ring
  • Cell Phone Loop
  • Carabiner Hook
  • Oval Hook
  • Thumb Hook
  • No Swivel Hook
  • Plastic Swivel Hook

Ready to order your own custom lanyards for your school’s athletic department?  Why not check out our website first?  It is located at  You can also call 1-800-519-9319 or email

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Not too long ago, we had a law firm that specializes in hip replacement recalls contact us.  They wanted to create a custom lapel pin that showed a hip implant that they could wear out in public.  It was their mission to educate individuals ailing from a bad hip replacement about the services that they offer.  The lawyers want the public to know that they can help.  That’s why they opted to create and wear the pin.

This pin design is straight forward and eye-catching.  We chose an antique silver finish along with the word “RECALLED” in vibrant red.  This allows men and women who have had a hip replaced to recognize the symbol quickly.  Messages like these can be seen as a call to action for clients.  Those that were not aware of the recall before most certainly are after they see the lapel pins that we created.

Showcase Different Areas of Law With Custom Pins

Lawyers can get creative when it comes to showcasing other areas of law including estate planning, tax law or real estate law.  They can take a simple concept, tell us about it, and we can create a custom lapel pin that meets their specifications.

This can be a unique size or shape, a pin with blinking lights or moving pieces.  It can also feature your logo or photograph or a personal message like the one that we did for the client featured in this blog.

Add Your Law Firm Name and Contact Info To Your Design

You can also draw attention to your law firm by adding your name and contact info to your pin.  This allows prospective clients to reach you easily.  By carrying a few extra pins in your bag or your pocket, you get the word out about your line of business quickly and affordably.

You can even attach them to your business cards as a way of furthering their impact.  People will have no excuse not to contact you when they see your phone number and email address listed twice.

If you have a message that you want to convey to others, give us a call or drop us a line at  The number to reach us at is 1-800-252-0904.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Every June 14th, the United States celebrates Flag Day.  This annual holiday commemorates the adoption of the US flag which is known for its stars and stripes as well as its colors of red, white, and blue.  President Woodrow Wilson was the first to acknowledge Flag Day in 1916.  Congress made it official several decades later in 1949.  Although it is not an official federal holiday, Pennsylvania became the first and only state to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday.

Who Wears American Flag Lapel Pins?

Custom lapel pins depicting the American Flag are extremely popular.  Worn by business men and women, government officials, and even the President of the United States, they are recognized worldwide as being a symbol of hope and freedom.

What Style of Flag Pins Should I Order?

Although flag pins can be created in a variety of different styles, cloisonne tends to be the most popular.  They are smooth to the touch and have a high polish jewelry-like finish.  This adds to their perceived value and makes them cherished keepsakes for all who receive them.

Some Suggestions That Make Your Pins Even More Attractive

There are a number of ways to make your Flag Day lapel pins even more appealing.  Here are just a few for you to consider:

  • Glitter. If you want to jazz up your flag pins, add glitter paint to make them sparkle.
  • Dangling Charms.  The flag charm can actually dangle from the main part of the pin making it two pieces versus being one piece like traditional lapel pins.
  • Simulated Gemstones. Gemstones can take the place of stars as yet another way to draw attention to your pins.

Perfect For Handing Out At Parades and Other Flag Day Events

Pins on this day are often handed out a local parades along with miniature flags and sparklers.  This is a great way to get the community involved.  Men, women, and children alike can show their patriotism by wearing the custom lapel pins that you had created for them.  This is one additional way to promote your business or organization.  Have information printed about it with an image of the American Flag. That’s one surefire way to get people to take notice of what it is that you are offering.

Flag day should be a holiday that we celebrate every day of the year.  What better way to celebrate freedom than to have a flag lapel pin made for yourself and to hand out to others?  Contact Lapel Pins Plus with your design ideas and we’ll get started on a full color digital proof and price quote for you free of charge. Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free or email

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) has been serving people with disabilities since 1975.  It is the largest assistance dog organization in the world and has big plans to continue “providing exceptional dogs for exceptional people for generations to come.”

Puppies are raised by individuals and families until they are 15 months of age.  Then they are returned to CCI where they attend a six to nine month long training course.  This allows the organization to evaluate their health and temperament before placing them with individuals that need them.

Hand Sketched Idea Shows That Anything is Possible With Custom Patches

The patches that we created for CCI started out as a hand sketched concept and turned into the image that you see here.  Complimentary artwork is just one of the ways that we set ourselves apart from other custom patch makers.  We can take an idea and transform it into something remarkable.

Patch Sized to Fit Training Bags Perfectly

Based on the customer’s request, we were able to custom size the patches so that they could be used on bags carried by CCI trainers.  That’s the beauty of products that are made-to-order.  You don’t have to worry about them not fitting your needs.  They’re custom which means they’re created to fit your specification.  CCI made their request and we were able to accommodate it after receiving measurements from the organization.

Used For Identification Purposes, Patches Are Attractive and Recognizable

One of the main reasons why CCI created the patches was so that people would recognize their trainers whenever they carried their bags around.  This is a great way to get the public involved in puppy raising as well as a way to solicit funds for the organization.  If people know about Canine Companions for Independence, they are more likely to support its efforts.

One Customer, Two Projects

We are also working on a patch for the same group for trainers that work with black Labrador Retrievers.  Being able to honor our customers’ requests is something we take great pride in.  Working with CCI was a pleasure and we welcome other organizations to make their requests for custom patches.

To receive your free quote, visit, call 1-866-511-0381 or email  Our trained sales professionals can help you determine what type of patch will work best for you and your organization.

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Pilots are professionals that are rarely recognized.  This is because they work behind the scenes.  From time to time you will see one in his or her full uniform at an airport.  If not, there is seldom a way to tell that the man or woman is a pilot.

A customer of ours wanted to see that changed.  He has been in the profession for close to 50 years and wanted a way to spark up conversations between off duty pilots and the public.  The pin that we created for him was soft enamel and shaped liked a pair of wings.  It was gold in color with navy blue text which is classic.

Recognizable because it is a universally known symbol, the customer was hoping that the pins would be enough to draw attention to the field of aviation.  He wanted to give pilots the opportunity to share their stories with civilians that might have an interest in flying.  Call it the perfect icebreaker.  Many people use custom lapel pins for identification purposes.

The custom lapel pins can be worn by any pilot, past or present, or any member with an aviation type of job.  The fact that the pins say, “Pilot.  Aviation Advocate,” is a big selling point.  People will have no trouble recognizing these trusted individuals in the future.  One look at the pin and people will know who they’re talking to.

No matter what the reason, we can create lapel pins according to your specifications.  That’s what’s great about customization.  Your pins reflect you and your ideas.  Contact us today with your ideas.  We’re ready to get started on your free quote and digital proof.

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Augusta, Georgia changed the color scheme of its embroidered patches to raise money for breast cancer research.  This was after one of its members passed away from the disease.  The club patches are sewn onto bike jackets or saddle bags in memory of Honey Bee.  She was 49 years old and is greatly missed by those who knew her.

What Is the Augusta Buffalo Soliders Motorcycle Club?

The Augusta Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is a non-profit club dedicated to spreading the history of the Buffalo Soldiers while bettering their community through involvement and fundraising.  The club consists of current, veteran, or retired military and other professionals dedicated to the biker lifestyle.  They strive to spread the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers among African Americans and be a positive influence on youth of all ages.

Raise Money By Selling Custom Embroidered Patches

Patches are an inexpensive way to raise a lot of money for your charity.  The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club pink patch stands out in the crowd.  Anyone that sees it recognizes it as being associated with breast cancer.

The patch’s mesh background was originally black until they made their request to have it changed.  It was something very easy for us to do.  This is one option we offer repeat customers that want to see a change in the appearance of their patches without completely redesigning them.

Different Backing Options Exist to Fit Your Club’s Needs

We offer different backing options as a way to fit all of our customer’s needs.  Here is what your club has to choose from:

  • PVC Backing (Free with every order)
  • Iron-On Backing (Add $0.10 cents per patch)
  • Velcro (Add 25% per patch)
  • Peel and Stick (Add 20% per patch)

Remembering Lives Lost With Personal Patches

Clubs wanting to remember the people that they have lost over the years can benefit from patches.  From a small circle patch with just initials in it to a large patch like the one that you see here, these items are a great way to show sentiment to people that you never want to forget.

Embroidered Patches Plus takes great pride in creating memorial patches for you and your club.  To reach us by phone, call 1-866-511-0381 toll-free or email

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

A customer contacted us recently with a unique concept.  He wanted to create a custom challenge coin that looked like a grenade.  Following his suggestions, we came up with a 3D concept of our own that took his design to the next level.

That’s one of the advantages of ordering custom products from Challenge Coins Plus.  You don’t have to be an artist.  You just need to have a good idea of what you want.  Our design team does the rest for you.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for a full color digital proof to be sent to you.  If you like what you see, approve the proof and send it back to us.  We then submit your custom challenge coin order to our manufacturing department.

Cutout At Top of Challenge Coins Add Authenticity and Usefulness

The double sided challenge coin that we created to look like a grenade has an antique gold finish which gives the coin an authentic worn look which adds character to the design.  This is one of the many ways that customers can make their products stand out in a crowd.  In addition to having two different designs featured on one coin, the cutout at the top is a design aspect that also adds to the authenticity of the grenade.  The coin can hang from a key ring and carried or placed on a jump ring and worn around the neck if the recipient desires to display it this way.

Double Sided Challenge Coins Provide More Bang For the Buck

The front grenade side extrudes out of the plane of the challenge coin giving it dimension.  The vertical and horizontal ridges that we created in the design gives the coin the look and feel of a real grenade.  The back side reads, ” 2011 Combat Dining­-Out” as well as the date July 22, 2911 and Misawa AB, Japan.  There are also two Japanese characters included in the artwork.  This is a prime example of customization at its finest.

Making Your Custom Challenge Coins Stand Out

Challenge coins customers are becoming more and more creative.  They want theirs to stand out from the rest.  That’s why they seek the help of Challenge Coins Plus.  As a leader in the challenge coin industry, we have the team in place to help you achieve that impressive, one-of-a-kind product.

You can take a look at our gallery located at for inspiration.  You can also contact us at 1-800-252-0904 or by emailing  Whatever way you choose to contact us, rest assured that your request is important to us.  In addition to providing you with a no obligation, free quote, we also pick up the cost of shipping.  This is just our way of thanking you for choosing us for your challenge coin needs.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The 2011 Elkhart Jazz Festival is taking place in Elkhart, Indiana June 24, 25, and 26.  The three day event promises lots of musical entertainment including bebop music and songs from the big band era.  Live jazz performers will play in Elkhart’s Arts & Entertainment District.  The annual celebration is a highlight in the community and Custom Lanyards Plus feels honored that we were asked to make custom lanyards for this year’s festival.

Two Different Color Schemes Offer More Options

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between festival staff and festival goers is by having two different color schemes featured on the custom lanyards.  This is what the Elkhart Jazz Festival organizers chose to do.  We were able to easily accommodate their request and give them the quality product that they were expecting from us.

Wearing Lanyards Make It Easier to Identify Staff

One color of lanyard was reserved for festival staff.  This made it easy for them to stand out in a crowd.  People passing by will know who to approach at the weekend event because they will see the lanyard and begin to associate it with the people that have the answers.

Great Way to Raise Money For Future Events

The other color of lanyards are being used to raise funds for future events in the city.  They will be sold by staff at the event.  People that want a great souvenir from the festival should consider purchasing one for themselves and for their friends who like jazz.

The woven lanyard has the Elkhart Jazz Festival stitched into it.  Custom colors were used so that they were matched with other print work that had been created for the festival.  Striping at the borders added to the overall design and appeal of the lanyards.  The end result was an attractive product that is useful and durable.

Benefits of Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards can help carry keys, name badges and driver’s licenses, and even cell phones.  Different attachment options are available to fit each of our customer’s needs.  We offer a variety of different choices on our website that are fitting for festivals and other types of celebrations.

Contact us with your festival lanyard needs.  You can call Custom Lanyards Plus at 1-800-519-9319 toll-free or email  You can also visit our website at today.  You will find a lot of information there.

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The Omaha Public Power District contacted us with an idea that they had for a company lapel pin.  A member of management saw a child’s artwork hanging on the wall of an employee’s office.  The finger painting had striking colors and an amazing swirly design.  The manager decided right away that the artwork was perfect for the company’s lapel pins.  She contacted us by phone, emailed us a photo, and our team did the rest.  The company was thrilled with the outcome of their inquiry and couldn’t wait to start handing out their custom pins.

Children’s Artwork Makes Great Lapel Pin Design

Children’s artwork makes great designs for custom lapel pins as seen here.  We can take a photograph or scanned image of a painting or drawing and turn it into something your company or organization can use year round.  We have done this for a number of youth based groups that hold art contests.  The winner has his or her design turned into custom lapel pins.  This is a great way to spark and encourage young people’s creativity.

Offset Printed Keeps Colors True and Images Realistic

Offset printed was the best way to accomplish the look of finger paint because the metal that separates the colors on traditional die struck lapel pins would have gotten in the way of the design.   Whenever a company or organization wants an exact replica of a photograph or image, they choose offset printing because it allows their design to be printed on the lapel pin surface with one ore more color gradients, or fades.

Customization Gives Company Pins Personality

Companies of all sizes can take an idea and turn it into something tangible the same way that Omaha Public Power District did.  No matter how outlandish or far fetched an idea may sound at first, our talented design team can breathe life into an idea and turn it into a quality, custom lapel pin for you to hand out at special events, job fairs, and workshops.

No matter what the reason, lapel pins have a place in companies.  Whether it is to announce a new product or service, reward an exceptional employee’s efforts, raise funds or show support for a charitable organization or further branding attempts, one thing is certain.  There are very few products available that carry the same kind of impact that custom lapel pins do.

See for yourself, visit  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free or email with your request.

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

There is a growing trend among baseball and softball teams this year.  Rather than order custom lapel pins for all of their players, coaches and parents are choosing to create challenge coins instead.  The reason behind their decision varies but many want a way to stand out from the crowd.

Custom challenge coins allow them to do just that.  Higher in perceived value, they  are durable and weighty.  Young athletes can run their fingers over the design on the coin and know that they were crafted with care.  Coaches and parents see their value because of all of the features that can be included on each coin.  This gives them additional opportunities to customize their coins in a way that makes them more tradeable.

Benefits of Trading Custom Challenge Coins

Here are some of the reasons why challenge coins are fitting for baseball and softball players:

More Bang For Your Buck Because Coins Are Double Sided.  Rather than have a small area to work with, teams can take advantage of both sides of the coin.  This allows them to include identifying information about the team, a logo or mascot, and even a photograph if they opt to use one.

Fit All Players Full Names and Numbers on Coins.  Unlike trading pins which normally can only feature a player’s first name or number, custom challenge coins can include each athlete’s first and last name as well as their number.

Like trading pins, challenge coins can be customized in whatever way our customers see fit.  We offer a variety of options that allow you to make your coins unique and attractive.  For example, you may want to choose a decorative edge or 3D image.  You may also want a cut out or sequential numbering added to your coin’s design.  Details like these enhance the artwork that we create for you and help during tournaments where teams are seeking the best challenge coins and pins to trade for.

Since they were first created, custom challenge coins have been regarded as the highest of honors.  If you really want to impress the other teams participating at your game or tournament, you’ll want to order coins for all of your players.  Consider ordering some for yourself as well.  Who doesn’t like trading with other teams?  At many events during the season, this is a highlight.

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