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June 23, 2011 by lapelpinsplus

Sailing clubs can be found all across the United States.  Not only are they great places to make new friends, they also provide an outlet for men and women to share their knowledge and love for adventure.  Friends who have a common love for sailing join these clubs as a way to branch out.  The end result is a positive experience that lasts them for years and years.

The Universal Sailing Club contacted us with a request for custom lapel pins.  The group was “formed in 2001 by black sailors from the Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington region to better explore Chesapeake Bay sailing.”  The pin that we created for them is in the shape of a flag and contains an image of a sailboat on the water with a setting sun.

Lapel Pins Help Honor New Members of a Club

Lapel pins are handed out to each new member of this club.  This helps establish a sense of goodwill and camaraderie among members of a group.  Men and women are touched by the generosity of the sailing club that they joined and are more likely to tell their friends about their experience because of their small gift.  They also can wear their pins wherever they go.  This helps get the word out in a community that a sailing club does exist.

Trading With Other Clubs At Regattas

When these clubs go to regattas and compete against other sailing clubs, they bring extra pins with them to trade with other teams.  Lapel pins help break the ice and allow for an easy conversation piece which leads to what the design means or how many members are in their club.

Custom Size, Shapes, Styles, Colors, and Backings Give Clubs Options

One of the biggest advantages of creating lapel pins from scratch is that you get to infuse your personality into the design.  That means you have say over how your sailing club lapel pins look, feel, and are used.  For example, you may not know that you change the style of backing that is offered on your custom lapel pins.  Although it may not seem like a big deal at the time, choosing to go with a magnetic pin versus a standard pin with a post can make all the difference.  Members of your sailing club will not have to be concerned with poking holes in their clothing.

Call a Lapel Pins Plus sales professional today to learn more about the ordering process.  In addition to a no obligation, free quote, we offer free shipping on our custom lapel pins.  1-800-252-0904 is the number to reach us at.  Call today and have your pins in hand in no time.

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