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Monday, January 30th, 2012

With February fast approaching, it’s time to think about creating custom lapel pins for Black History Month.  We have customers contacting us to help them design pins for the month long celebration.  Using their concept, we create quality, custom made pins rich in style and long lasting in appeal.

Creating a pin that can be sold at your local festival is a great way to raise money for the community.  Using the silhouette of Martin Luther King, Jr. for your pin instantly lets all who see it know what event you’re celebrating.  This is one way to educate and inspire others in your city.

Raising awareness for the month can be accomplished by passing out pins to school children in your community.  This will be a great way to get them excited about the month.  Students who receive some form of incentive are better learners.  They are more positive and receptive to the lessons that are being taught to them.

Adding a dangler at the bottom of the main pin with the year on it is a way to continue the tradition for years to come.  Local business can create an inspirational pin that they can pass out along the parade route.  Kids and parents alike enjoy collecting lapel pins at events like this and will cherish the pins for years to come.

Custom lapel pins are highly regarded because they are made from quality materials and last a really long time.  In addition to being visually appealing, they can serve as educational or promotional tools depending on their design.  During Black History Month and throughout other times of the year, lapel pins honor those individuals that changed the course of the world as we know it.  Without these leaders, things would be very different.

Visit today to request a free quote for Black History Month lapel pins.  You’ll be pleased to see the many different styles of lapel pins you have to choose from.  Whenever you’re ready to request a free price quote and full color digital proof, email or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll be happy to go over your ideas with you and offer suggestions on ways to make your pins stand out even more.



Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Baseball and softball trading pins come in a variety shapes, sizes, and types.  Today’s blog is going to focus on a lesser known type of trading pin that we offer.  This type of pin is called offset printed.

With this type of pin, we can print your team logo, player’s names, numbers, or even a photograph right onto the metal pin.  We then cover the pin with a thin layer of epoxy to protect the image.  When you feel this pin, it will be smooth as glass.

These pins have an advantage to traditional die struck pins because they can show gradients or color fades.  You can see the gradient on the pin here if you look at the blue text “Colts”.  It fades from darker blue at the top to lighter blue at the bottom.

Another advantage is that we can print tiny details that traditional molds can’t accommodate.  If you have a tiny state seal that you would like to include on your pin, offset printing could be the answer.  Some customers prefer this type of pin and request it every year.

These pins are solid metal and are plated in either gold or silver.  They can be cut to shape just like the pin you see here.  This gives the pins more depth and definition.

If you have a photograph of your players, send it our way and we will incorporate it into your trading pin.  Visit  You can also email or call 1-800-252-0904.  We’ll be happy to send you a full color digital proof as well as a free price quote.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national association with 75 chapters representing 23,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms with nearly two million employees. ABC’s membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors of the industry.

Lapel pins like this are handed out to construction workers after they have routine safety meetings.  These meetings, or sometimes called “toolbox” talks, help spread the word about safety issues with that current project.  The halt pin you see here helps teach onsite workers to recognize that the area they are in could be dangerous.  It was designed to be part of a strategic safety plan to help cut down on work time accidents.

Other great uses for construction lapel pins are for number of hours worked without an accident.  We have even made pins for the different trades that work on a site to help with the identification process.  Trades people take great pride in their area of expertise and having a custom made lapel pin identifying them with their trade goes a long way in making them happy and proud.

Custom lapel pins are great for identifying and rewarding employees as demonstrated here.  If you are looking to take your construction business to the next level, you’ll want to get your hands on some attractive lapel pins.  Designed with you in mind, they can be any size, shape, style, and color imaginable.  You can even include a phone number, email address or website URL as a way of helping others get into contact with you.  This takes the place of business cards which are easily lost and destroyed.

Transform the way that you do business.  Reward your employees by acknowledging their work ethic and concern for safety.  Visit today to request a free quote.  You can also reach us by calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free or emailing  Using your unique ideas, we will come up with custom artwork that impresses day in and day out.

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Curling is a popular Olympic sport that is also known as “Chess on Ice”.  It requires great skill and precision.  Two teams consisting of four players each compete.  The object of the sport is to get as many of the eight stones given to the team close to the house which is a target marked on the ice.  Each game may consist of eight to ten ends.

A customer of ours wanted to make a curling pin for an event that was being held in Lake Placid, NY. They needed the name of the event, the location as well as the league that it was for.  Graphically, they wanted a scene that would easily let someone know that this is a curlers pin.

Our artists came up with a concept that shows the curling lane come down a mounting with the stone off to the side.  Needless to say, our customer loved the pins and ordered them right away.  That’s what makes custom lapel pins so great.  They truly are unique and memorable.

Lapel pins are great for tournaments.  If you are running the event, you can include a pin in each participants welcome bag.  As the years go by, participants amass large collections of these pins and look back at each one and remember details of the event.

Lapel pins are also great to sell at the event if you are the home club.  You can easily raise money for your rink or help offset the overhead of the tournament by selling each pin to family and friends of the competitors.  An easy way to produce a pin for your competitors and a pin for the general public is to add a custom backstamp to either pin.  This way all will be able to differentiate from the two.

One other trick to help differentiate pins among a large group is to use sequential numbering.  We can put a raised area of metal on your pin that we then engrave numbers into.  This is a great way to help identify each pin and it adds value to the pins.

With so many uses, lapel pins are the perfect product for your next curling event.  Give Lapel Pins Plus a call at 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  You can also email or visit to learn more about the ordering process.

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Friendship flag lapel pins are popular among travelers.  They usually contain the flags of two countries with the host country on the left and the home country on the right.  Handing the pins out to people met along the way is a symbolic gesture that promotes peace and friendship.

Friendship Flag Lapel Pins Are Rich in Meaning and Customizable

We can customize your next friendship pin to include a message that is pertinent to the meeting or conference.  The gift items are rich in meaning and 100% customizable.  Friendship lapel pins are worn by everyone from the president to any member of a political group from any country in the world.

Two Countries Are Standard But We Can Add a Third to Any Design

We can even add a third country if our customers want us to.  The ability to add a message to the pin opens up worlds of possibilities.  You can use friendship lapel pins to spread political messages or promote the theme of a conference you are hosting or attending.

Magnetic Backings Keep Clothes Hole-Free

Think about adding a magnetic backing to the pin to alleviate putting holes in expensive blouses or shirts.  Backings are extremely important.  They add to the overall design and functionability of the pins.  A magnetic backing does the same job as a post but it does not damage the fabric on your apparel.

Dignitaries Wear Friendship Pins to Promote Peace

Political races are big here in the United States.  For the next 10 months, candidates will be hitting the pavement in search of votes.  If you look closely at their lapels, you just might see a friendship pin or two.  The pin was probably handed out to that candidate when they visited a particular country or if they held a meeting with a dignitary from another country.

Don’t plan a trip abroad without ordering custom friendship flag lapel pins first.  Visit  You can request a free price quote by submitting the form online, emailing or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  A free full color digital proof will be sent to you to look over once we’ve heard your design ideas.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

When it comes to trading pins for little league baseball and softball teams, the goal is to have a highly desired pin so that you can easily trade with other teams.  Each week, we have been offering tips to help you achieve this goal.  This week, we are going to look at adding player numbers to your trading pins.

As you can see from the pin posted with this blog, adding numbers is as easy as letting us know all of your team’s numbers.  Once our artists have all of the player’s numbers, they can show you how to best fit them onto a pin.  Some creative ways we have done this in the past is to put the numbers inside of baseballs or softballs.

We can put the numbers inside of gloves or even put the numbers inside of a smaller version of your team mascot.  We can arrange the numbers in many different ways.  In the trading pin you see here, we have them arching below the pin.  There is no set way that they have to be arranged, it can be completely up to you.

Some teams prefer a random pattern of numbers, some like to put the order on the pin that matches the batting line up, or you can always just put them in numerical order.  Adding glitter to your numbers is also a great way to attract attention to your trading pin.  There is something about glitter that positively affects how people view the pin.

Stay tuned for future posts that will cover more trading pin tips from the pros.  With baseball and softball season fast approaching, it is one topic we’ll be writing about a lot.  As always, you can direct your questions or inquiries to us by emailing or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We also have a convenient online free quote request form.  You can find it by visiting

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) of Indiana is a not-for-profit, safety, educational, charitable and advocacy motorcyclist organization. Its aim is to promote safety, protect rights, and help others.  As you have gathered from the group’s name, its central focus is on education.

ABATE of Indiana represents approximately 13% of the registered motorcycles in Indiana, with a membership of over 25,000. ABATE has a full-time staff, 350 volunteer officers, and over 200 certified safety instructors, dedicated to serving the interests of all motorcyclists.  Through special events and fundraisers the group is able to give back to the community which is an important goal of theirs.

For the last 24 years, they have been holding a chili cook off to promote brotherhood as well as raise money for their charity.  They chose lapel pins because they are 100% customizable and very inexpensive.  Setting up a table to sell your lapel pins at your next chili cook off or bbq competition will be a great step forward if raising money is on your mind.

Because lapel pins like the one you see here are collector’s items, you can be sure that all those who come to your event will want to purchase a pin.  Biker pins like the one we did here always look great when we use our antique finish process.  Just adding the antique finish to a traditional die struck silver pin is a sure way to grab one’s attention.

Biker organizations like ABATE enjoy group rides but also truly enjoy giving back to their communities.  There is no better way to help give back then by producing a biker lapel pin to sell at your next outing.  Contact Lapel Pins Plus today to request a free quote.  We can help you transform the simplest sketch into amazing artwork.

Email to request a free price quote and full color digital proof.  If you have questions that need to be answered, call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We will be more than happy to assist you with your custom biker lapel pin order.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Quilters Guilds exist to bring together people who share a love of quilts and quilting. Together members learn from national and local quilt teachers and speakers, and share their work with each other and the community. All levels of quilters are encouraged to join, including beginners.

These guilds have recently turned to lapel pins because of their great look and inexpensive pricing.  Quilter Guild lapel pins come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some pins are used as membership type of pins where a new member receives a pin once a new member class has been completed.

The pin you see pictured here is an offset printed lapel pin.  We were actually able to use the exact photograph of the log cabin that represents their guild.  We print this image onto the face of the pin and then we cover it with a thin layer of epoxy to protect the image.

Some pins are designed to help promote a local quilting or craft show that the guild will be participating in.  The pin you see here was made for the guilds 30th anniversary.  Anniversary lapel pins like this are the perfect way to honor the longevity of the group you belong to.

We have even done lapel pins for guest speakers that come to talk to the guild.  As a token of appreciation, the guild will present the speaker with some small gifts with the lapel pin being the most meaningful.  Because guilds often travel to out of state shows, having extra lapel pins will come in handy to trade with other guilds from across the country.

As you collect more and more pins from shows, you can start to incorporate them into your new quilt, thus giving your quilt a special touch that will always remind you of the other guild members you have met along the way.  Small mementos like lapel pins are easy to collect because they don’t take up a lot of room and they are rich in personal meaning and sentiment.

Take quilting to the next level.  Visit today to see the different styles of pins that we offer.  Once you have an idea for a design in mind, give us a call at 1-800-252-0904 toll-free or email  We’ll send you a free price quote and complimentary digital proof to look over.

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Badge style lapel pins are popping up everywhere you look these days.  These pins resemble badges that you commonly see police officers or security guards wearing.  We are able to make a miniature replica of larges badges as seen in our blog image.  This badge was made for the Department of Transportation and was handed out to special agents that are out in the field.

The badge you see here has a 3D mold which captures the details of the eagle at the top of the pin.  Cut-outs on each side of the eagle also help add interest and uniqueness to this badge pin.  Small details like these can add a distinct quality to your design.

Badge lapel pins are great to hand out to youth that are participating in programs that will lead them into that particular line of work.  For example, if you are part of a junior fire department program, at the end of the course, you can hand out a badge lapel pin that is exactly like the one that the firefighters from that station wear.  It will be a cherished keepsake for each individual that receives one.

Not only are custom lapel pins novel, they are also useful.  They help identify different members of businesses, clubs, organizations, and schools.  This eliminates confusion and fosters a sense of pride for the people affiliated with the company, group, non-profit or academic institute.

Custom lapel pins reflect the personality and interests of the customers that choose to create them.  With that being said, they are extremely unique and personal.  People feel honored when they are given pins as gift items.  Badge lapel pins are interesting and exciting.  They make great conversation pieces.  That’s why people enjoy ordering them and handing them out to people.

Order your own badge lapel pins today.  Visit  You can also email or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We will be more than happy to help you with your request.  In fact, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Lapel Pins Plus.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Today’s blog will be focusing on how to use danglers and cut-outs to spruce up your trading pins for the coming baseball and softball season.  Traditionally, danglers hang off of the bottom of the trading pin and usually display the year, or the age group of the kids.  Common danglers included a baseball or softball, a glove, or a bat.

As you can see here in this image, this team used a dangler on the inside of their pin.  Instead of hanging off the bottom of the pin, this baseball dangler will swing freely inside of the trading pin.  The way they were able to accomplish this is by cutting out the inside portion.  Cut outs are any area of the pin that has been cut away leaving a void in the pin.

Giving Your Trading Pins More Value During the Baseball or Softball Season

With trading pins, the more cut-outs you have, the more value your pin has.  These little secrets of cut-outs and special dangler positions are all used to increase the perceived value of your trading pins.  The more others want your pins, the easier time you will have trading.  Sometimes, you can even get two pins for your one.  That’s when you know you have a truly awesome pin.

Types of Trading Pins You Can Choose From

Here are a few of the different types of trading pins we offer:

  • Glitter.  Adds sparkle to ordinary paint.  Great for drawing attention to certain areas of a pin.
  • Slider.  A sliding piece moves across a stationary piece easily giving the pin the appearance of movement.
  • Spinner.  Like a slider, a spinning piece is attached to a stationary piece.  Players can use their finger to make the piece spin.
  • Danglers. Small, dangling charms hang off a base pin.  This helps add to the overall appeal of the pins.
  • Bobble Heads. Made to look like a person or mascot, the head is attached to a stationary pin by a spring.  When jiggled, it looks like the head is moving.  This is a popular style of trading pin because it is interactive.

Stay tuned for future blogs with other inside secrets on how to boost your pin’s trading value.  With baseball and softball season fast approaching, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to create and swap trading pins.  Visit to see examples of some really amazing pins.

Submit your questions and inquiries to us via our free quote form at, email or call 1-800-252-0904.  A trained sales professional can help you identify things that will help your design ideas stand out at games and tournaments.  Creating an exceptional trading pin is easy when you have Lapel Pins Plus by your side.

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