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June 20, 2013 by lapelpinsplus

September is Hunger Action Month.  You can help educate the public about poverty and hunger in a unique way this year.  If you haven’t used custom lapel pins to promote your charity and cause in the past, now is the time to do just that.  We can help you get your message out in a truly effective way in 2013.

Custom lapel pins are the type of items people take notice of.  Meaningful and attractive, they are one memento that all ages enjoy. You can give pins out to schools as a way of informing them about the programs or services that you offer.

You can give them to local businesses that sponsor fundraisers and other events that you hold each year.  You can even give them to volunteers who help raise awareness about Hunger Action Month.  Custom lapel pins are versatile tools for the charities and groups that create and distribute them.

Help eradicate hunger with custom lapel pins.  We can help you come up with a design that gets people involved in your charity and cause.  Visit http://www.lapelpinsplus.com to request a free price quote today.  We will send it with a digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you via email for you to review.

Once you’ve received the design we’ve created for you, approve the artwork and pay for your order in full.  This allows us to submit your pin design to the production department for manufacturing.  Email your ideas to us at info@lapelpinsplus.com.  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.

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