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February 2, 2015 by lapelpinsplus

National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week is March 1st-7th.  How would a handwritten letter of thanks go over in your place of business?  Would your employees think even more highly of you?  Would it win over new customers and secure sales from customers who purchased your products or services before?

What if your cards contained a small gift of a custom lapel pin?  How would that make your business stand out against the competition?  What would you do if we told you that everything you need to create a satisfactory customer experience is right at your fingertips?  In fact, it’s only a phone call or email away.

Custom lapel pins are what we know.  We’ve created them for years for customers like you.  We take into account the nature of your business, your personal preferences, and the purpose behind your gift.  Then, we pass on the information to our design team who is tasked with the job of creating custom artwork for you that not only meets your high expectations but exceeds them, too.

People love to feel valued.  Extend well wishes and feelings of gratitude to the people that make your business successful.  Make sure to order enough pins for your employees and your customers.  They’ll love the acknowledgement they receive from you.

Attach custom lapel pins to your letters of appreciation.  Tell your employees and customers what they mean to you.  Contact Lapel Pins Plus right away to discuss the different options we make available to our customers.  You can reach us in a number of ways including through our website submission form, via email, and by phone.

Email info@lapelpinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to speak with a representative.  Answering your questions is our top priority.  Providing you with the information that you need to purchase soft enamel, cloisonne, offset printed or die struck pins in your choice of sizes, shapes, and colors is our goal.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service every step of the way.

We offer free artwork and design services as well as free shipping to a US address.  Getting to know you and your business is a pleasure.  Let us know how to serve you better.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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