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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

February is Black History Month.  Groups around the nation plan activities surrounding prominent African American figures like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Harriet Tubman.  Custom lapel pins honoring these icons can be used in a variety of private and public programs as a way of educating the public about historical events.

What Is Black History Month?

Black History Month is a celebration of African American heritage.  It was founded in 1926 by United States historian Carter G. Woodson as a way of honoring former President Abraham Lincoln and former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

How Do Custom Lapel Pins Help in the Celebration?

There are a number of ways that custom lapel pins can help with the celebration.  Here are just a few ideas of their uses:

  • To Promote an Event or Fundraiser.
  • To Educate the Public About African American Leaders.
  • To Reward Pillars in the Community.
  • To Encourage Participation in Clubs and Programs.

Custom lapel pins are versatile in use and design.  A person can determine what size, shape, and colors that they want their pins to be after deciding what type of image to use.  For example, a larger graphic of a prominent African American leader requires a larger lapel pin.

Changing the shape of the pin from round to square can dramatically alter the appearance of the design.  Adding an antique wash over a pin adds layers of depth.  This detail also can change the overall look and appeal of the custom lapel pin.  Playing around with options like these can help a person to determine the exact look that they are trying to achieve with their design.

Black History Month is a time for sharing and learning.  African American culture is rich with stories.  Custom lapel pins remind the nation of this and invite others to join in on the celebration.

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