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Friday, January 30th, 2015

National Agriculture Week takes place March 8th-13th.  Prepare in advance for the occasion by getting your order in to Custom Lanyards Plus right away.  The sooner we hear from you, the faster we can get your custom lanyards to you.

We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.  Choose from the following lanyard styles:

  • Polyester
  • Woven
  • Tube
  • Nylon

Let us know what type of attachments appeal to you as well.  Select yours from the following list:

  • Lobster Claw (FREE)
  • J-Hook (FREE)
  • Bulldog Clip (FREE)
  • Key Ring (FREE)
  • Cell Phone Loop (FREE)
  • Carabiner Hook
  • Oval Hook
  • Thumb Hook
  • No Swivel Hook

We also offer badge holder attachments which make it easy to identify individuals at auctions, workshops, and shows.  If you have employees and volunteers for your National Agriculture Week event, identify them with custom lanyards with your logo or emblem on them.

Custom lanyards make the perfect promotional giveaway.  If you want to attract attention to your business or brand, do so in a way that people remember.  A custom lanyard, worn around the neck, makes a statement.  It lets people know that you’re willing to help them with their agricultural needs.

Create custom lanyards for your National Agriculture Week event.  Contact Custom Lanyards Plus with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  We’ll send it to your email address along with a digital file attachment of the artwork we created for you.

Email your ideas, questions, and suggestions to   If you’d prefer to speak to a representative by phone, please call 1-800-519-9319.  We’re here to help you in whatever way that we can.  We provide free artwork and design services as well as offer free shipping on all orders going to a US address.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Fun at Work Day is fast approaching.  Do you have something special planned for your employees?  If you do, why not include a custom gift as part of the celebration?  Lanyards are perfect for employees of all types for a number of reasons.

Who doesn’t love a fun but practical gift?  Custom lanyards are that and more.  You don’t have to worry about lanyards clashing with work attire.  In fact, because they’re custom created by you, the items remain true to your branding and give an overall appearance of uniformity at your business.

Lanyards are created with your logo or emblem on them.  Text relevant to your business is included in the design.  You get to choose the colors that best represent you.  How much more personal can it get?

The different styles of lanyards that we offer include:

  • Polyester
  • Woven
  • Tube
  • Nylon

Attachments styles available for you to choose from are:

  • Lobster Claw (Free with Order)
  • J-Hook (Free with Order)
  • Bulldog Clip (Free with Order)
  • Key Ring (Free with Order)
  • Cell Phone Loop (Free with Order)
  • Carabiner Hook
  • Oval Hook
  • Thumb Hook
  • No Swivel Hook
  • Plastic Swivel Hook

Decide which options are right for you.  Optional accessories include badge reels, buckle releases, plastic safety breakaways, metal crimps, and adjustable beads.  Badge holders come in a variety of sizes.  Ask a sales representative for more information when you contact us for a free price quote.

Create custom lanyards for your employees.  Encourage them to have fun at work.  A happy workplace is a productive workplace.  Give a gift that puts a smile on everyone’s face.  Custom lanyards are as useful as they are attractive.

Contact a Custom Lanyards Plus sales representative by emailing or calling 1-800-519-9319 toll-free.  Watch for an email from us.  It contains the free price quote that you requested and the full color artwork that we created for your order.

Friday, December 19th, 2014

On behalf of Lapel Pins Plus, we’d like to thank you for your business in 2014.  Working with you has been outstanding in every way.  You’ve challenged and supported us and for that, we are grateful.  We wanted to take a moment to wish you, your family, and friends a very Merry Christmas and equally Happy New Year.

We also wanted to give you a heads up about our holiday schedule.  We will be out of the office from December 22nd-January 4th.  Any questions and inquiries submitted to us during our break will be addressed when we return to the office Monday, January 5th, 2015.

As always, we can be reached through our website, by email, and by phone.  We’re excited about the new year and all the possibility it brings.  Make us a part of your plans by contacting us with your custom lapel pin, lanyards, and key chain needs.

Email  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  Working with you is an absolute pleasure.  We believe our customers are the reason for our success.  That’s why we provide free artwork and design services as well as free shipping on all US orders.

Start 2015 out right!  Contact us with your custom product needs.  Let us exceed your expectations by providing you with a personal and meaningful gift to hand out.

We are committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your high expectations with every order of custom lapel pins that you place.  For additional ideas and information, visit our online gallery and our FAQ page.  Our blog is full of creative uses for custom lapel pins, lanyards, and key chains.


Friday, September 19th, 2014

Keeping track of students and staff at big events can be impossible at times.  There’s just so many people packed into one place!  That’s where custom lanyards come into play as an effective tool.  Create a custom lanyard that your students and staff can wear at organized events as a form of identification.  You’ll be able to spot your school colors from a distance.  Best of all, if you choose a badge holder attachment, everyone can carry their school ID cards with them.

Custom lanyards give schools options.  Choose from the following styles.  We offer polyester, woven, tube, and nylon lanyards.  We also offer a number of different attachment options to meet your needs.  There are lobster claws, bulldog clips, j-hooks, key rings, thumb hooks, carabiner hooks, oval hooks, no-swivel hooks, plastic swivel hooks, and cell phone loops offered through our website.

Custom lanyards are perfect for the following events:

  • Sports Games and Tournaments
  • Debate and Forensics Meets
  • Live Theater
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Science Fairs
  • Career Days

You’re likely to come up with even more uses for the lanyards if you think about it.  A school field trip is another spot where custom lanyards would be useful.  Our online gallery will spark your interest and give you ideas on ways to make your custom lanyards stand out in a crowd.

Got Questions?  We’ve Got Answers!

Create custom lanyards to hand out at your next school event.  Make identifying students and staff in a crowd of people easy.  Contact Custom Lanyards Plus with your request right away.  We’re here to honor your wishes by creating a custom gift item with visual appeal and sentimental value.

Not only will the custom lanyards be an effective tool, they’ll also be something that students and faculty hang onto for years.  A no obligation, FREE price quote awaits you.  Let us know how we can go the extra mile for you.  Email or call us at 1-800-519-9319 toll-free right away.

Reaching us is easy.  Take advantage of the number of free services we offer to our customers.  Artwork and design services are complimentary so there’s nothing to lose.  Submit your inquiry to us right away!


Thursday, September 18th, 2014

A street fair is the perfect way for communities to welcome in fall.  If you are planning this type of event and want to get everyone excited about what is yet to come, contact us.  We can help solidify and relay your ideas through the creation and distribution of custom lapel pins.

We can take your theme and incorporate it into the artwork we create for you.  This allows you to create a street fair pin that is unique in design and attractive to members of your community.  We offer soft enamel, cloisonne, offset printed or die struck pins in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Make your pins extra special with cut outs or silkscreens.  A look at our online gallery can help you decide what would look right with the artwork we create for you.

Add custom lanyards to your order.  We offer a number of different styles for you to choose from.  This gives you a place to keep pins and also a way to identify street fair volunteers and staff.  A badge holder attachment can keep name tags and IDs visible where others can see them.

We offer standard and upgrade attachments.  Here is what you have to choose from:

  • Lobster Claw
  • J-Hook
  • Bulldog Clip
  • Key Ring
  • Cell Phone Loop
  • Carabiner Hook
  • Oval Hook
  • Thumb Hook
  • No Swivel Hook
  • Plastic Swivel Hook

Let us know which is right for you.  We’ll include the cost in the price quote that we send.  This will allow you to see how much your custom lapel pins and lanyards with attachments will cost.

Submit Your Request to Us By Phone or Email

Promote your community’s street fair with custom lapel pins.  Let us help you come up with a winning design.  Contact Lapel Pins Plus with your request for a no obligation, FREE price quote and digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you.  This will allow you to see what your design will look like at the time of shipment.  It will also give you the opportunity to request changes before the pins are manufactured.

Email your ideas to  You can also reach a sales representative by phoning 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  This will give you a chance to ask questions and give us an idea of the design elements that are important to you.  Submitting your inquiry is fast and easy.  Get your idea or concept in to us today so we can get started on the custom artwork needed to complete your community street fair custom lapel pins.


Friday, August 9th, 2013

Lately, we’ve seen a surge in custom school lanyards orders.  Elementary, middle, and high schools all need lanyards for their students.  That’s because the items are great for identification purposes and school safety.  It easily identifies the wearer of the lanyard as someone who belongs on campus.

Custom lanyards are a great fundraising item because of the low cost to buy but high value one can charge.  Booster clubs love ordering lanyards with the
school logo on them.  They’re very useful items because they can hold name badges, id cards, keys and other items that are needed throughout the day.

Lanyards are customizable and easy to design.  There are lots of fun attachments to help the function and look of the lanyard be your own.  Custom pins can be created to match the lanyards.  These items can be handed out to students who exceed goals or show exemplary skills in different subjects.

Visit today.  Take a look at our online gallery before requesting a no obligation, free price quote and digital file containing
the custom artwork that we created for you.  You’ll see soft enamel, cloisonné, offset printed, and die struck pin styles in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.  Let us know what inspires you and we’ll do our best to add details to your lanyards that show your school spirit.

Email your ideas to  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We offer free artwork and design services.  We also ship to your US
address free of charge on all paid orders.  Contact us right away to get the design process started.  We’re here to assist you with your request in every way possible.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Custom lanyards are a great add on item to your trading pin order.  Lately, we have been getting a lot of questions about lanyards.  Little league teams are becoming very interested in these items that are great for kids and adults alike.

Travel teams and AAU teams are ordering custom lanyards to hand out to the players but also to the family members of the players.  This way, when the kids look up in the stands, they can easily spot their fans because of the lanyards that are around their neck.  You can imprint your team name and city/state as well as your logo.

We recommend going with the imprinted polyester option because it can print the most detail.  We even have large badge holders that attach to the bottom of the lanyard so that you can put your current roster in for quick access.

Kids really seem to like the lanyards that have a buckle release at the bottom.  This way, they can detach the bottom part of the lanyard without having to remove the entire lanyard.  We also offer breakaway options which are safe for children.

Pin your recent collection of trading pins to your lanyard to give it that added flair.  This is a great way to show people your growing number of custom pins.  It’s also a way to display the pins in your home or office easily.

Create custom lanyards today.  Visit to request a free price quote and email attachment containing a file of the custom artwork that we created for you.  Email your request to  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We can’t wait to get started on your custom lanyard order today.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

National Walking Day 2013 is scheduled to take place April 3rd.  Sponsored by the American Heart Association, the annual event encourages people to take 30 minutes out of their day to walk and reduce their risk of heart disease.  If you’re planning to take part in this year’s event, you’ll want to get the word out to others in your community right away.  How do you do that effectively?  We suggest creating and distributing custom lapel pins.  The small mementos serve as miniature billboards promoting your event wherever they go.

Custom lapel pins are a great way to introduce new health initiative in your workplace, school or non-profit organization.  Everyone can improve their physical fitness and overall health and well-being by taking the time to walk a little each day.  Custom pins remind individuals how important heart-healthy activities like walking can prevent disease and obesity.  A minimal amount of exercise can help men, women, and children live long, happy lives.  Your order of custom lapel pins can serve as a reminder of this.

Choose the size, shape, style, and colors of pins that you find the most appealing and let us know your vision for your pins and lanyards.  We’ll get our talented team of designers to create custom artwork for your order that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.  As always, we go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products.  This is how we thank you for being a valued customer of ours.

Have a heart this National Walking Day and encourage others to fight heart disease with something as simple as a half-hour-long walk.  Contact Lapel Pins Plus with your custom lapel pin and lanyard ideas and we’ll make sure that you have attractive and memorable mementos to hand out at your walk-a-thon or similar event.  Email your request to or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear from you and get started on your order of custom lapel pins today.  Visit for more information about the types of pins we offer, the services we provide free of charge, and estimated delivery times.

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Along with lapel pins, challenge coins, and key chains, Lapel Pins Plus also specializes in creating lanyards.  Custom lanyards are typically 35” pieces of polyester or nylon that we sew in a loop.  The lanyard then goes over your head and rests around the neck and shoulder area as it hangs down towards your belly button.

Lanyards are a great way to display name badges for schools that have added another layer of security on their campus.  You can also use different color lanyards on a campus to signify a particular group of people.  For example, you could use blue and white for teachers/staff, green and white for students, and red and white for visitors.  This way, with one quick glance at a person’s lanyard, you immediately know which group they fall in.

We are able to print your logo and school name directly onto the lanyard at no additional cost.  This allows for full customization of your lanyard that will help show off your school pride.  Different attachments at the bottom of the lanyard can be used to secure name tag, ID badges, school ID’s, keys, and even cell phones or walkie talkies.

We all have the clear plastic ID holders for your identification cards to make it a one stop shopping experience.  This gives you the tools that you need to properly identify the people in your school, organization or workplace.  ID holders can also be used by the Press at special events as well as workshop and concert attendees.

Visit for more information.  Email you’re your request to or call 1-800-519-9319 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your request by providing you with free artwork and design services and free shipping in the United States.

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Here at Lapel Pins Plus, we don’t just specialize in amazing custom lapel pins, we also carry other promotional products like custom challenge coins, lanyards, and embroidered patches.  This blog will highlight a trend we are noticing in our lanyard division.  Traffic for custom lanyards is really picking up.  Schools across the country are ordering these unique gift items because of their attractive nature and usefulness.

With child safety being a top priority for schools, lanyards offer a great way to identify each student at a particular school.  School lanyards usually incorporate the school mascot and school name.  Many have a badge holder attachment which is perfect for carrying school IDs.

Lanyards are very useful because they can hold keys for filing cabinets or doors, id cards, or whistles for coaches. They are also a place to attach school lapel pins too.  With 4 unique styles to choose from, we have a lanyard that is just right for your need and budget.

A great safety feature that we recommend is the safety breakaway clip.  This piece is located at the back of the neck and will break free if it gets snagged on something.  This is particularly useful for young students that like to run and play during recess and gym.

Get your custom lanyards ordered today in time for the first day of school.  Visit to request a no obligation, free price quote and full color digital proof.  We will assist you with your inquiry by providing you with accurate information, fast service, and insider knowledge.  We know how to make your custom lanyards stand out.  Email or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We can’t wait to get started on your custom lapel pins and custom lanyards.

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