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Monday, December 10th, 2012

Professional organizers have grown in popularity as people have acquired more belongings and have less free time to keep up with them.  Turn on the TV and see a number of programs featuring professional organizing.  Like any other type of business, it’s important to gain as much exposure as possible.

That’s why so many professional organizers turn to us for custom lapel pins.  The small marketing tools get a great response from the public.  In fact, the mementos gain the respect of current and potential clients because of their attractive appearance and the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

Many choose to order pins now in anticipation of National Get Organized Month which takes place in January.  The month long event offers plenty to get excited about.  Professional organizers can offer specials and hand out pins as thank you gifts to anyone that inquires about their services.

Lapel pins can vary in size, shape, and style each year.  Professional organizers can add their own special touches to the design through the use of glitter, simulated gemstones, dangling charms, and even cut outs.  They can even include their phone number, email address or website URL on the pins as a way of eliminating the need for paper business cards.  Pins are economical as well as better for the environment because they can be worn and enjoyed for years.

Promote your business effectively through the use of lapel pins.  Visit to request a free price quote.  We’ll also send you a digital file via email containing the custom artwork that we created for you.  Submit your request to or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We can’t wait to have our team of talented designers start working on your lapel pin design right away.

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Vet clinics provide valuable services to animals and their owners.  Without the care and expertise of veterinarians, many animals wouldn’t receive the care that they need to live long, happy, healthy lives.  If you’re a vet looking to promote your business, let us assist you by creating custom lapel pins that you can hand out.

Custom pins are great marketing tools.  They can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.  Pins can take on the personality of your vet clinic by using a combination of images, text, and special elements like glitter, blinking lights, simulated gemstones, and cut outs.  This helps add interest to your pins which in return gains interest for your business.

Your vet clinic lapel pins can include information like a phone number, email address or website URL.  Instead of handing out regular business cards, you can give people one of your custom lapel pins.  This is a great way to get people interested, make them feel valued, and build trust in your expertise and professionalism as a veterinarian.

Get your vet clinic lapel pins today.  Visit to see the different styles of pins that we have to offer our customer.  Choose soft enamel, cloisonné, offset printed or die struck.  Email or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and have our artists get started on custom pins for your business.  Submit your request today to get the process started.  Artwork and design services are free!

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Abaco Island, or sometimes called The Abacos, is a little slice of paradise located in the Bahamas.  Each year, tourists from around the globe head to this island destination to get some R & R.  Known for beautiful white sandy beaches and world class sport fishing, this island group should be on the top of your must visit list.

During their trip, visitors bring souvenirs home to remember their vacation by.  One of the most popular souvenirs is an Abaco lapel pin.  Abaco Island pins can be in the shape of the island, a scuba inspired pin, or a pin with an island landscape.

Workers in the resorts located on this island wear lapel pins for identification reasons. Gift shops and dive shops all over the island design custom pins to sell year round.  Vacation lapel pins are kept for a lifetime and are a great way to remember trips taken.  People can build a rather large collection of pins easily by purchasing a pin or two each trip they make to Abaco Island.

From a marketing point of view, when shop owners sell pins to visitors, they are leaving the customer with a tangible reminder of the place they purchased the pin which will encourage and stimulate future growth.  This encourages tourism and gets people spending money each and every trip they make.  Tourists learn to equate their experience with the shops selling the pins that they buy.

Promote your tourist destination through the use of custom lapel pins.  Email your request to  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to speak to a representative.  You can also visit to see the different styles of pins that we make available to our customers.  We offer free price quotes, free artwork and design services, and free shipping on all orders placed in the United States.

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Now that the weather has cooled off, we are starting to hear from our ski resort customers.  The winter resorts contact us to help design and make pins for all aspects of their business.  From ski school pins to ski patrol pins, you can bet a lapel pin has been designed for every facet of ski life.

Gift shops within these mountain resorts like to stock up on their skiing lapel pins because moms, dads and kids alike enjoy bringing home tiny lapel pins to remember their trip by.  Lapel pins are the type of souvenir that appeals to people of all ages.

Workers can be identified by their lapel pin so that guests will know who they can ask if they have a question.  This is a great way to establish pride in your workers and to also attend to guest needs.  Lapel pins can be plated in different metals to signify rank or position.  This allows you to identify members of management without adding extra costs to your order.

Even the executive teams that run these skiing destinations like to order lapel pins with their resort logo on them so that they can feel a part of the business.  Skiing pins can even be in the shape of a mountain, a snowball or a skier flying down a hill.  Whatever vision you have for your pins, we can make it happen.  Our team of talented designers is experienced and creative.

Another great idea we have seen is to give out a ski pin to those that have conquered the most challenging slope at the resort as a way to let the skier show off their accomplishment.  Don’t forget to include snowboard pins for your guests that enjoy this growing sector of ski sports.

Get your custom lapel pins today for your winter ski resort.  Visit to request a free price quote.  Email your ideas to  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.  Contact us right away to get the ordering process started.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

With New Year’s Day fast approaching, people are starting to think of resolutions they’d like to keep in 2013.  Among the most popular involve losing weight and getting fit.  Gyms around the country know this about people and use it as an opportunity to gain new members and promote their fitness services around their cities.  They do this in a number of different ways.

Some pay for radio spots and ad campaigns.  Others choose to go with custom lapel pins.  The small marketing tools get big results.  Designed and created to fit the needs of your gym, lapel pins are the type of items that other people take notice of.  Include a phone number, email address or website URL on the pins so others can contact you in the future.

Custom lapel pins come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors to meet your needs.  Why not create your pins in soft enamel or cloisonné?  You can also go with a die struck pin for a more classic look or an offset printed pin if you want an exact copy of your logo included on your pins.  This is also ideal for photographs or highly detailed designs.

Get custom lapel pins ordered for your gym today.  Visit to request a free price quote and email containing the custom artwork that we created for you.  Submit your ideas and questions to  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to speak to one of our courteous sales representatives.

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

December 2nd through the 8th is National Handwashing Awareness Week.  What better time to take the opportunity to stress the importance of good hygiene with your employees than during this weeklong initiative?  Regular handwashing prevents the spread of illness and infectious diseases.  It’s important that your employees know the dangers that others face when they don’t take the time to wash their hands properly.

Custom lapel pins are perfect for this type of campaign because they’re attractive, memorable, and useful.  Employees can wear the pins on an article of clothing or on a lanyard as a reminder to themselves and others to regularly wash their hands.

Pins can also be used in elementary schools as a way to promote good hygiene.  Young children will be receptive to the message on the pins if it is presented in a fun and exciting way.  Pins can be custom sizes, shapes, and colors.  They can be a number of different styles as well to fit the theme of your program or initiative.  Blinking lights, glitter, and simulated gemstones are all effective ways to get kids to think about handwashing.

Create custom lapel pins for your employees today.  Contact Lapel Pins Plus to request a free price quote and email attachment containing the artwork that we created for you.  Visit to see soft enamel, cloisonné, offset printed or die struck pins.  Email your request to or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to help you place your custom lapel pin order.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

South Beach Miami, Florida is one beautiful area of the country.  It’s warm weather and expansive beaches have gained attention worldwide.  People from all over the globe come to the city for business and for pleasure.  Businesses in the area know this and offer unique gifts like lapel pins for sale in their shops and storefronts.

We have made pins celebrating the sun, nightlife, and fine dining of this beautiful city.  Tourism board likes lapel pins because of their ability to capture parts of south beach with a single memento.  People wear their South Beach pins when they return from vacation and people immediately want to know about the city.

Fine restaurants use the pins as part of an advertising budget.  Lapel pins are worn by employees as a way to promote specials and draw attention to the business.  Pins are also given out to VIPs as a way of welcoming them to the establishment.

You can also award special citizens with a custom city pin.  Include a black velvet box to spruce up the ceremony.  This will give the recipient of the award a safe place to keep their South Beach Miami lapel pins.  Velvet boxes are classic and useful.  Their hinged lids make it so you can easily store and display your memento.

Get your South Beach Miami, Florida lapel pins today.  Visit to request a no obligation, free price quote. Email your request to or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll answer your questions and have our talented team of designers come up with custom artwork for your South Beach pins.  Once we’ve received your approval, we submit your order for production.  Your pins are then delivered to your choice of address.  If it’s in the United States, we pay for your shipping!

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Custom gymnastic lapel pins are a great tool to show what level each athlete is at in a particular gym.  Pins are great fundraisers for each gym to sell in order to purchase necessary equipment.  They’re also perfect for competitions to trade with other gymnasts.  Athletes meet with other competitors after an event to extend congratulations and to trade pins.  This allows every gymnast to feel like a winner going home no matter how they placed at the event.

Lapel pins can be made to show gymnasts in different poses.  Gold, silver, and copper pins are great colors because they go well with the medals that they win.  Team pins are also an effective way to build team spirit and unity.  If you want to boost the esteem of your athletes and make them feel like a valuable part of gymnastics, you’ll most certainly want to create and order team pins this year.  We can help you come up with the size, shape, style, and colors that best meet your needs.

Get your gymnastics pins today.  Visit to see samples of the pins that we have created.  You can also email your request to  If you’d rather speak to a representative, you can do so by calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll send you a free price quote via email along with an attachment containing the artwork we created for you to look over.  Once the design looks the way that you want them to, give us your approval and pay for your order.  We’ll then submit it to the production department for manufacturing.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory is a hub of activity.  That’s why so many people travel to the state each year for business and vacation.  If Mt. Hood is on your list of places to see in 2013, do it in style.

Make sure to partake in the Territory’s 10 Musts.  Here are a few things you’ll want to enjoy while visiting the Mt. Hood area of Oregon:

  • Watch a hot air balloon take to the air at the Tulip Fest.
  • Feast on porridge at a factory tour of Bob’s Red Mill.
  • Paddle down Trillium Lake.
  • Watch a live rodeo at the Buckeroo.
  • Pick up farm fresh eats at the Farm Loops.
  • Sample different wines in Wine Country.
  • Take breathtaking photos from Jonsrud Viewpoint.
  • Hike to Zigzag Falls.
  • Eat your fill of delicious, regional cuisine.
  • Go skiing at Timberline Lodge.

One other worthwhile activity to add to your list is souvenir shopping.  Don’t forget to pick up Mt. Hood Territory lapel pins along the way.  You’re likely to find a few styles that catch your eyes.  Custom pins make the perfect souvenir because they’re lightweight, durable, and long lasting.  Unlike other keepsakes that don’t withstand the test of time, lapel pins can be worn and enjoyed for years.

Lapel pins make the perfect gift for people of all ages.  You can bring home Mt. Hood Territory pins for your friends, family members, neighbors, pet sitters, co-workers, and even your children’s school teachers.  Lapel pins make a great impression because they’re personal, meaningful, and attractive.  Much like a fine piece of jewelry, they add something special to apparel.  People love wearing Oregon lapel pins on their clothing and hats for others to see.

Collect custom lapel pins from your travels to Mt. Hood Territory.  You’ll love how each memento reminds you of a different aspect or leg of your trip.  Pick up pins for friends and family along the way.  There is no other souvenir that is rich in detail and sentimental value that lasts as longs as custom lapel pins.  Keep the tradition of pin collecting alive by starting your collection today.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

3D pins are not your ordinary lapel pins.  We take a normal pin and add layers of depth and detail to your pin.  This type of lapel pin has increased dramatically in the past year or two.  3D pins are similar to our 3D challenge coins but just a little smaller in size.  They’re great to show tiny details like feathers of a bird, or clean lines of a fighter jet.

The image you see here turned out great because of the natural levels of detail in the tiki masks.  We can take pretty much any design and make it 3D.  Other common images that we use this technique with are soldiers, helicopters, profile pictures and animals.

3D molds add a one-time mold fee to your order but that mold will stay on file so that if you re-order the pins, you won’t pay that fee again.  Consider stepping up the quality and value of your next lapel pin project by choosing a 3 Dimensional style lapel pin.  If you are looking to achieve the greatest amount of depth and detail in your pins, this is the best way go about that.

Get your 3D lapel pins today.  Visit to see the different styles of lapel pins that we offer.  Email to request a free price quote.  You can also call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to speak to a representative.  We’ll answer your request by creating quality, custom lapel pins that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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