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Friday, February 4th, 2011

Legendary soft drink giant, Coca Cola, contacted us with a request for a custom lapel pin for one of its new products.  We worked hand in hand with their marketing department to design the type of product that fit their needs.  What resulted from these efforts was an incredibly hip orange pin in the shape of a Coke bottle.  One look at this promotional item is all it takes for a person to recognize the nationally known brand.

Perfect for Marketing Purposes

Custom lapel pins are the perfect marketing tool to aid with the launch of new products because:

  • They are completely customizable. You get to choose the size, shape, style, and color of your custom lapel pins.  You also get to select what image and text gets featured on the surface of your lapel pins.  You can draw this image yourself, have one of our artists do it for you or send us a graphic or photo via email.

  • They are easy to hand out. Due to their small nature, custom lapel pins are easy to giveaway.  Their size makes it easy to travel from one location to the next with them in tow.  They can be placed in a bag or suitcase without adding extra weight which makes them ideal for flying.

  • They are cost effective and attractive. Low in price but high in value, custom lapel pins meet the needs of companies of all sizes.  Durable and long lasting, they can be used for a number of different things including product launches, grand openings and re-openings, fundraisers, special events, and employee recognition.

Card Stock as a Presentation Item

Colored card stock makes a great presentation option.  You can add it to any promotional pin as a way to increase the amount of detail you can include about the product you are launching.  Not only does this make it easier to give these items away, it also makes it easier to sell them if you are hosting a fundraiser.  People can buy their pre-packaged pin and know that it will be safe from damage if they choose to store it.

There is no better time than today to find out how custom lapel pins can help you with promotions.  Businesses like Coca Cola have recognized just how effective our personalized products are.  Give us a call at 1-800-252-0904 or email today with your requests.  We look forward to helping you make your marketing efforts successful.

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

The University of South Florida (USF) is one of the top 25 public research universities nationwide.The key to its success are the dedicated staff and faculty members whom continue to serve more than 47,000 students between its Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee, and Lakeland campuses. It is essential to praise and award those involved in keeping the institution running smoothly. Customized employee or award lapel pins offer the best way to do this.

Lapel Pin Design Options that Bring it all Together

To add to the success of the academic institution’s College of Medicine (USF Health), it commissioned Lapel Pins Plus to create custom pins for the faculty and staff of its Health Department. The employee recognition pins were made for the individuals that helped raise money to fund the department’s growth.

Shaped like a puzzle piece, we created a unique lapel pin that fits the reputable establishment’s image. This antique gold plated soft enamel lapel pin highlights “USF Health” at its center using the school’s green logo color accented with gold letters. Its edges are slightly elevated which adds depth to the design. However, we did fulfill a request to make a subtle distinction between employees.

Outstanding Employees Get a Little Extra

Employees that contributed the most hours towards fundraising efforts received a special pin.  This particular award lapel pin is fundamentally the same as the other. A small ruby adorns the top of the pin to help identify staff leaders of the effort.

Gemstones are an example of a design option we call add-ons. These little extras work wonders for giving pins a bold statement at minimal cost. Some other add-ons we offer are glitter and translucent colors, cut-outs, custom back stamps and danglers.

Visit our Lapel Pin Gallery at to see how our selection of lapel pin design options can be mixed, matched, and combined to create staff pins your workers will be proud to wear.

Our knowledgeable representatives can be reached by emailing They will be happy to assist you with your custom lapel pin order. If you would rather discuss your design ideas by phone, they are also available by calling 1-800-252-0904.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Managers shouldn’t take for granted that their employees know they are appreciated.  Under-appreciated workers can lead to high turnover, subpar production, and thwart any business’ success. Studies have shown that most individuals in the workforce don’t feel appreciated on the job and believe their contributions are not recognized.  However, similar studies revealed that employee appreciation, when exercised often, makes all the difference in morale and overall employee performance which positively impacts the organization.chuckecheese

Recognition and rewards for valued work doesn’t have to be another complicated or costly aspect of HR management.  Instead, it can but an enjoyable part of a manager’s ongoing employee recognition program. Service award lapel pins for employees are also a good way encourage unit cohesion and teambuilding.  Starting small, but being consistent, can create a positive domino effect.

Employee recognition lapel pins are a fun, creative and cost efficient way to give under-appreciated workers their long overdue pat on the back or a “job well done.”  Personalized award lapel pins are great for award ceremonies, meetings, gatherings or “just because…” Teamwork lapel pins allow managers to acknowledge several associates at once and encourage employees to recognize, support, and work with one another. When Lapel Pins Plus received an order from a well known children’s fun spot favorite, to show it’s appreciation for regional excellence, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help them say it with a pin.

With our unbeatable quality, look, and feel, anyone receiving an employee recognition pin from Lapel Pins Plus will be noticed for being at the top of their game.  The options are endless when creating your customized employee award pins:

  • Use your own company’s logo
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Custom artwork
  • Any size or shape
  • An assortment of attachment types
  • Your choice of presentation packaging

Keeping employees happy is imperative to an organization’s overall success.  By reminding them of their importance to you and the company, you will keep morale high and production going.  At Lapel Pins Plus we can help perfect your recognition lapel pins.  Email us with your ideas and questions at or give us a call toll free 1-800-252-0904.

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