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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

August 21st is Poet’s Day. You can get in on the celebration by sponsoring a Poetry Slam at your restaurant or coffeehouse.  That’s right!  You can draw a crowd by handing out custom lapel pins prior to the event.  People wear the pins and essentially promote your event.  A packed house means more opportunity for you to sell your goods and services.  People will naturally be drawn to what you have to offer when they’re sitting inside your place of business listening to area poets recite their poems.

Poetry lapel pins can also be handed out by libraries and schools as a way to encourage readers to get interested in poetry.  The custom lapel pins can feature a famous poet’s image or photograph or be more general and promote Poet’s Day as a whole.  People will be proud to wear their custom lapel pins around town.  That’s the beauty behind these unique mementos.  They appeal to people of all ages.

Poetry lapel pins can be created in a number of different sizes and shapes.  They can even be cut-to-shape to resemble the images on them.  They can also feature a number of different add-ons like dangling charms, blinking lights, simulated gemstones, glitter, and spinning pieces.  That’s what helps set them apart from other lapel pins.

Help spread the word about local poets with custom lapel pins.  Create yours today by contacting Lapel Pins Plus.  You can visit, email or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free and we’ll get started on custom artwork for you.  A free price quote and full color digital proof will be sent to you once we’ve heard your ideas.

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