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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Little League baseball and softball traffic is already starting to pick up here at Lapel Pins Plus.  With just a few months until tournaments start, now is the perfect time to start working on your pins.  Each year the same pattern seems to occur.  Teams from all over the country design their pins early but forget to place their order.  Sometimes they are waiting on final decisions to be made and sometimes time just gets away from them.

We understand this is how life goes but here is the biggest tip we can offer.  Order Early! Order as soon as you are satisfied with your design.  Right now, trading pins only take about 10-12 days to deliver.  As we get closer and closer to July and August, that time frame will swell to 2 -3 weeks to get the same pins.

This is based on pure volume.  Trust us!  We want all of our customers and all of the little leaguers out there to have pins for their tournaments.  For many of the players, the pastime of trading pins exceeds the excitement of actually playing the games.  The boys and girls get to meet new and old friends from across the country and share a pin that represents who they are.  If you wait too long, you run the risk of missing out on this entire experience.

The second point that we want to stress today is quantity.  Order a few more pins per player than you think you will need.  We always like to suggest that as a minimum, you order 1 pin per player for each of the teams in your tournament.  For example, if you have a tournament of 30 teams and your team has 12 players you would want to order (30×12 = 360 pins) as a minimum.

A lot of teams order 1-3 pins per player per team and for the Cooperstown teams, orders of 1000-2000 are the most common quantities ordered.  The fact of the matter is most likely your kids are going to trade all of their pins away faster than anticipated.  It is never fun to have to stop the trading excitement early because you are out of pins.  Take extra.  For an extra couple of dollars per kid, you can send them with a few more pins which will allow them to trade longer and to receive more pins from other teams.


Friday, April 29th, 2011

The majority of us are all too familiar with the scene from the Rocky movie, when he, like many boxers, engages in jumping rope as part of his intensive training. That image is very telling about the value that can be placed on a jump rope. As a matter of fact, jumping rope is one of the most fun and easy full body exercises to get into, especially for children.

Involving Kids in the Action

Jump rope teams are becoming more and more popular all over the United States. The much anticipated rope jumping tournaments they participate in offer youth a fun, physically active and creative way to express themselves while developing team building skills. With that, Lapel Pins Plus has been contacted by a number of teams to design their customized team pins.

Most often, the members of jump rope teams will wear lapel pins on their hats, use them as adornment on bags and trade them with other teams at jump rope competitions. The latter of the pins’ uses provides even more reason why one should make sure that the pin’s design not only represents the team but possesses qualities that will be found desirable by other individuals as well.

Getting a Jump on the Competition

Some of the most popular themes we have seen on jump rope lapel pins are children jump roping, state landmarks jumping rope and jump ropes combined with team names and logos. By tailoring any one of the themes above to your group’s liking and utilizing some of our most attention getting add-on options, we are certain you will create a team lapel pin that everyone will want and your jumpers will be ecstatic about wearing.

We understand that the idea and desire to arrive at the perfect and most tradable lapel pin design may be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with many of the design options that are available. However, as a leading lapel pin maker, we have developed a way that makes it easy without taking away from the quality and originality of your custom lapel pins.

The happily satisfied owners of the lapel pin shown above, if asked, would attest to the effortless and pleasant experience they had ordering lapel pins from us. Our graphic design team truly captured the essence of the team jump roping and is more than willing to do the same for you.

No matter what kind of team you are a part of, Lapel Pins Plus can help to make them stand out and get noticed. To begin our easy ordering process, call 1-800-252-0904 or send an email to

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