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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

April 12th-18th is National Volunteer Week.  What better way to thank the people who support your business, organization, school, group or sports team than with a custom lapel pin gift in your choice of size, shape, style, and colors?  Custom lapel pins make an impression wherever they go.  They are fitting gifts for children and adults.

We offer the following lapel pin styles for you to choose from:

  • Soft Enamel
  • Cloisonne
  • Offset Printed
  • Die Struck

Each has its own look and appeal.  Our online gallery is filled with images of each style of lapel pin in a variety of sizes, shapes, and metal plating colors.  When you have a free moment, view the images and let us know what stands out to you and why.  It helps us gain an understanding of what you’re looking for in the way of custom lapel pins.

Make this year’s award ceremony or volunteer luncheon extra special with a gift for those who make your efforts successful year after year.  People donate time, skills, and finances in support of the causes they feel the most passionate about.  A soft enamel, cloisonne, offset printed or die struck pin is exactly what men, women, and children need to feel encouraged and welcomed by your business, organization, school, group or sports team.

Reward volunteers during National Volunteer Week with a custom lapel pin gift.  Contact Lapel Pins Plus with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  We’ll send it and a digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you to your email address.  Look for it to arrive shortly.

Approving the design is the next step in the process of creating custom lapel pins.  Once we get the go ahead from you, we proceed with the order.  Your custom pins are then sent to the mailing address we have on file for you.  If it’s in the US, we pay the cost of shipping your order to you.

Email your ideas, concept, and questions to a Lapel Pins Plus sales representative.  Address inquiries to  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to speak to us directly.  We’re here to assist you with your request by providing you with expert advice and the support that you need to design and order custom lapel pins for your National Volunteer Week event.

Friday, October 26th, 2012

National Family Caregivers Month is fast approaching.  Take your scheduled event to the next level with custom lapel pins.  The attractive and meaningful mementos reflect the theme and vision you have for your community-wide get-together.

What is National Family Caregivers Month?

National Family Caregivers Month was created by the National Family Caregivers Association in 1994.  President Bill Clinton signed the first presidential proclamation in 1997.  Every President since has signed a proclamation honoring family caregivers.  We are delighted to create pins for your business, club or organization in anticipation of this annual celebration.  Custom pins are the type of items people take notice of and cherish because of their sentimental value.

Ways National Family Caregivers Month Lapel Pins Can Be Used

Here are a few of the ways to use custom lapel pins throughout the month of November:

  • Hand them out to employees to wear to work each day.
  • Give them to volunteers as a heartfelt thank you gift.
  • Sell them to raise funds for a worthy organization like the National Family Caregivers Association.
  • Use them as an educational tool to advertise your services and resources.
  • Give them to family caregivers at a special luncheon or awards ceremony.

As you can see, there are many uses for your order of custom lapel pins.  It’s up to you to determine which one will benefit you and your business or organization the most.

Honor caregivers in your community with a unique and memorable gift.  Visit to request a no obligation, free price quote.  Email your request to or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We will take your design ideas and turn them into an attractive, meaningful National Family Caregivers Month lapel pin that grabs people’s attention and thanks them for the role they play in their cities and neighborhoods.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

National Volunteer Week was first established in 1974 as a way to inspire, recognize, and encourage people to engage in volunteerism in their communities.  Growing by leaps and bounds each and every year, it has been endorsed  by U.S. Presidents, governors, mayors, and other elected officials.  National Volunteer Week celebrates volunteers and offers them the opportunity to share their experiences and practices with others around the world.

This year’s week starts in just under a month.  It will be held  from April 15th -21st.  This means there is still time for us to design and produce pins for this year’s celebration.  Lapel pins make the perfect thank you gift.  This is because the recipient can tell that a lot of thought went into the gift.  Because we can customize your pin, we can really help spread the message of thanks to your volunteers.

Volunteers from across the country who wear uniforms would love to have a classic lapel pin to add to their look.  These small pieces of jewelry help accessorize any outfit and add a sense of professional at the same time.  Meaningful and attractive, they are the type of item that people take notice of.

The pin you see here is trimmed in our high polished gold plating.  You can choose for gold, silver, copper, bronze, black metal and black nickel platings.  We can even treat the pin with an antique finish which gives a worn, weathered look.

Contact us today for a no obligation free price quote and full color digital proof.  You can visit or call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to help you design custom volunteer pins that exceed your standards.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The Alabama House of Representatives is comprised of 105 members. Each member represents a district of about 40,000 people and is elected to serve a four-year term. When it comes to finances and all revenue generating issues, they must, just like in the U.S. Congress, begin in the House.

An Office Accessory That Serves All

The Speaker of the House is the member who is elected by colleagues to serve as the presiding officer.  When the Office of the Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives contacted Lapel Pins Plus and asked if we could help design a custom lapel pin, we immediately became excited and anxious to get started.

The shape of the state of Alabama, along with its flag, is the background of the lapel pin design.  In the foreground, the end of a golden gavel meets the House’s Latin motto “Vox Populi” which means “voice of the public”.  For added distinction, we also included the text, Office of the Speaker and Alabama House of Representatives.

What you cannot see in the image above is a special feature that is becoming more and more popular. The lapel pin also has a custom back stamp that lets the person wearing the pin know who the Speaker of the House is.

Speaking For and Promoting the House

These political pins were created to hand out to all the staff that works in the Office of the Speaker.  Its patriotic and classic design makes it a source of pride for all the public servants who wear it.

The customized lapel pin contains all the right features for use in other situations.  It is good not only for the office employee, but also to distribute to the public and to advocates during campaigns and events. Volunteers and interns can use them display their positions and get a sense of belonging while gaining valuable experience working in the office.

Whatever the cause or reason, custom pins are always a good idea. They are cost efficient, easy to design and effortless to order. As a matter of fact, we were happy to provide our free digital proof and quote for the office and will do the same for you.

Contact Lapel Pins Plus today to place your order and receive a complimentary full color digital proof with free price quote. We can be reached at 1-800-252-0904 or by sending an email to We look forward to fulfilling your custom lapel pin needs!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

For the past seven years, we have taken a rough idea and created beautiful lapel pins to commemorate the Herber City Cowboy Poetry Gathering. The annual event is held in Herber City, Utah and consists of headlining shows, workshops and clinics as well as plenty of opportunity to purchase unique souvenirs. This year, it is being held the first week of November. The seven day event promises plenty of excitement for individuals, families, and literature lovers.Herbercity

Festivals like these offer unlimited opportunities for communities. Custom lapel pins announcing the event serve multiple purposes. First, they can be used to draw interest in the festival itself. Next, they make great souvenirs for attendees. Last but not least, they can be used as a way to reduce waste by eliminating the need for paper tickets or plastic wristbands.

We can take whatever ideas that you have and turn them into attractive lapel pins for your festival, concert or outdoor market. We also can create them in the size, shape, style, and colors that appeal to you most. All you have to do is contact us via phone or email and we supply you with a complimentary free quote. We even create a full-color digital proof for you to look over.

In addition to soft enamel, die struck, and cloisonné pins, we also offer offset printed lapel pins. These pins give you the option of using a photograph or detailed graphic while maintaining the integrity of the artwork. This is an option that we suggest for designs with lots of tiny detail and one or more color gradients.

To find out more about our custom lapel pins and the ways that you can use them for your upcoming event, visit

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