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Monday, November 24th, 2014

In a matter of a few weeks, 2015 will be here.  What have you done to prepare for the occasion?  Are you getting ready to launch a new product or service at your yoga studio?  Will you be offering new classes or an improved schedule to meet your customers’ needs?  If so, it’s time to let everyone know your plans.

Get People’s Attention Quickly and Easily

Custom lapel pins are the type of item that people take notice of.  Worn in a visible location, the mementos grab attention wherever they go.  Think of them as “mobile advertising.”  We call them “miniature billboards” for a reason.

We Believe in Giving Our Customers Options

Yoga pins can be created in the size, shape, style, and colors you like best.  We offer soft enamel, cloisonne, offset printed, and die struck style pins for you to choose from.  Include your logo or photograph in the design.  Our artists can incorporate any insignia into the artwork they create for you easily.

Let Our Online Gallery Inspire You

Add glitter, simulated gemstones, cut outs or silkscreens to the design.  Include whatever it is that you think will get your pins noticed.  Our online gallery is full of inspiring images.  Spend a few minutes getting acquainted with that area of our website.  You’re likely to find a design or two that you really like among the pages.

Promote Your Yoga Studio in a Way That People Remember

Promote your yoga studio in a memorable way in 2015.  Think outside the box where your marketing plan is concerned. Contact Lapel Pins Plus with your request for more information.  Inquire about our free design services.

Request a Free Price Quote Right Away

Submit the form located on our website to request a free price quote.  Email your information to  Or, call us.  Our toll-free number is 1-800-252-0904.

Once you’ve reached out to us, we’ll have an idea of what it is you’re looking for in a custom lapel pin.  Our design team will then go to work to create artwork that fits your vision, mission, and business.  Keep an eye out for an email from us.  It will contain the quote and the art we created for your yoga studio pins.

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